Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A couple of RR finishes

For a board RR -

and for an International RR, this is the dreaded bookmark, the fabric for this was horrible, really stiff and hard to stitch on ... as a comparison, it took me about a week to stitch this and just last night to stitch the bird.

I now have NO RR's in my possession, well, I have those two to send off, but none to stitch.

I need to set some goals for this month - I really stunk at keeping to last months! LOL ... I didn't feel like stitching anything big at all so only stitched a few little things, although I think I did get quite a bit of the kit done.

I think I'll pull out The Kiss tonight ... I really do feeling like stitching something like that again ... aren't we funny beings - a month ago I wondered if I'd ever feel like stitching a Mirabilia again, my heart just wasn't in it. I was *that* worried, I know I've gone through little phases like that before, it's a hobby and supposed to fun so I've learn't just to go with whatever I do feel like without worrying about it.

Time to pick up kiddoes from school - might be back later to up date goals and such :)

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