Sunday, May 15, 2005

Finishes and Ebay

I've been stitching a few small pieces to sell on ebay - a lot of people think I'm nutty doing all that hard work and then selling it - but I love to stitch ... am definitely one of those "enjoy the process" people, and I always feel so much better if I'm paying for my stash out of my Paypal account, not the family budget. This time though I'm selling them to make some money to go away Queens Birthday weekend (a three day weekend here, beginning of June). My next weight goal reward was to treat myself to a weekend all ALONE ... only problem is, money is tight ... hence doing some ebay stitching - I sold a few last week and made enough for about half of what I want ... and finished these two this week, ready to put up for sale in a couple of days (I want to finish a couple more before I put them on).

Shepherds Bush Violets -

Lizzie*Kate - Live, Laugh, Love -

... and this one is one I sold last week, Lizzie*Kate - Spring ABC

I'm always amazed at what sells, and sometimes what people will pay - and also what doesn't sell!

... in other parts of life, DH is waiting to hear from one job, they have told him they definitely want him but have to talk to the higher powers to okay the bigger salary (than what they originally wanted to offer). He has also heard from the agency of another one that sounds perfect, he's hoping to hear something about that quickly incase he has to choose - or not ...

I shot in our big North Island competition yesterday, and did okay. Pretty much shot my average, nothing brilliant - but I didn't fail miserably either, I'm so up and down at the moment that I'm more than happy to shoot averagely! LOL

Poor DH had fun getting the five kids to various soccer games, all at different places - although I did most of the arranging beforehand, so it really wasn't that bad - hurray for great friends who don't mind taking an extra!

Oh - and take a look at my ticker with my blogger-title! I'm so proud of myself ... the weight is still coming off and I'm definitely over half way now. I'm loving the bike-riding (I'm planning on doing a nice big one this afternoon), I'm still walking with my friend twice a week (about 10km) and of course mostly sticking to the Weight Watchers programme, I'm finally starting to feel that I look "okay" now :)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Katrina said...

great stitching Lisa, and well done on the weight loss too!

Faith Ann said...

Good luck selling your pieces...they look great! I hope you're able to have your weekend soooo deserve it...losing weight is hard!

I like your reward system ...I think I'll try to think of some personal rewards...I sure need some motivation.

anneke said...

I love the designs you're stitching to sell. They're nice, easy to stitch with a fast result. I can imagine people want to buy this. I have never thought of that and I really want to make money with my passion.
I'll think about selling items too.
Good luck with ebay and with your children: your little one looks great on the pictures!