Tuesday, April 19, 2005

School Holidays!

I think I'm one of the few mothers that actually like them! LOL ... I love the not having to rush in the mornings, the not having to make school lunches, the freedom of doing what we want, rather than trying to fit in all the drop offs, pick ups, sports training etc etc.

Okay, okay, I don't like the bickering that sometimes goes with it, the having to feed five children plus usual extras at lunchtime ... the no time at all alone ... but on the good definitely out weighs the bad. I've got to say though that our children play pretty well together most of the time, they have the usual arguments (they're definitely not perfect angels) but they also have the wonderful ability of being able to go outside and play cricket on the driveway, or soccer in the back yard, or tag or whatever ... as well as play board games etc inside ... AND include the younger sisters, even if it is just letting the 3yo hold the counters or whatever.

Stitching wise (as this IS supposed to be a stitching blog) I'm stitching The Bookshelf, and loving it - it's nice to stitch something which I know I will finish fairly quickly, rather than a big Mirabilia which I know will take months rather than weeks. I *should* be stitching the Lighthouse Kit, but will go back to it when I've finished The Bookshelf ... I know you stitchers out there can understand the need to finish something!

I'm planning on sorting out my chartes and magazines over the next couple of weeks ... I'm beginning to forget what I've got, I need to catalogue them somehow and then put them in some sort of order of what I plan to stitch, my stash and "want to do's" are out of control.

Okey dokes ... off to tidy the house, then do the soccer banking and send the monthly cheques out ... and then we might go and see one of the free Tweenie shows at the mall.

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