Monday, September 19, 2005

Dancing Sunflowers

Yay! A happy dance :) - The Drawn Thread - Sunflower Sampler, stitched on 32ct Lugana - Ivory. I still have to put some black beads on - I tried using the normal size, but they really have to be petite ones, so I need to buy those, take off the big ones I tried, put on the petite ones and then it is *really* finished. I left out the signature row, because I plan on selling it. It will be hard to give away, but its all in the aid of sending a couple of the kids to sports camps, that will be very good for them :)

Here it is!

I've got another busy week, in fact the next four weeks are going to be busy ... I'd much rather be at home stitching *sigh*. I have meetings tonight and tomorrow night. A McDonald's fundraiser tomorrow night, so I'll be rushing from that to the cricket meeting, and just to make things more frantic DH is away again tomorrow night, and Thursday night. Thursday night is my work night so it means lots of organising to make sure kids get to the right places at the right time and get picked up and taken home. I hate asking people to ferry my kids around, but it has to be done - hopefully I can repay the favours.

The next few weeks I'm working Tuesday nights as overtime, so I can see my Celtic Summer Lady suffering slightly!

We've also got the last few weeks of shooting - club cards to catch up on before the end of season and a couple of small rep/champs things.

All I can say is roll on summer ... when life *should* get a bit quieter!

Meanwhile I'm stitching Bent Creek's Halloween Row this week - hopefully it will be a pretty quick stitch too.

Carol (and others :)) - the reason I'm only stitching CS on the Tuesday is that I really have to do some stitching for ebay to raise some money ... I still stitch things that I like and plan to do for myself one day, partly because then if they don't sell I don't mind keeping them LOL, and also I just love stitching, I'm definitely a "process" person ... so as long as I'm stitching things I like, I still enjoy stitching them - even though I'm a bit sad to let them go.

Okay, Monday morning ... time to get the show on the road for the week!


Carol said...

Your Sunflower Bellpull came out lovely! Good luck with it on ebay :-)

Pamm_e said...

That came out quite nicely Lisa. I hope it sells for lots on Ebay! Will you be stitching it again for yourself? This is the first time I've noticed this DT and will have to look into ordering it!

Faith Ann said...

Dancing Sunflowers is beautiful!! Good luck with the ebay venture...that's a larger piece and hopefully people will recognize that.