Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy, happy, happy Dance!

Elsa Williams - Setting Sail kit, using 14ct Aida. This is for VERY good friends of ours, Jim bought it in America, Deb gave it to me to secretly stitch. His birthday is November 14th, so she'll have plenty of time to get it framed to give to him. I am SO pleased to have this obligation stitching over with ... I can now just enjoy my own things for a while (well, until I order the birth sampler kit I've promised to do for another friend ...).

I think I'm going to start DT's Sunflower Bellpull next - and maybe a couple of other little things. I need to work out a good rotation in my head - definitely Celtic Summer on a Tuesday, I just need to decide what nights to do another couple of specific projects.

Another board I'm on has been very quiet lately, one of the ladies suggested that we share everything, including our childrens' bruises ... well, Charlotte obviously read it and understood it, and obeyed! LOL

This is the result of being told forever not to swing on the towel rails above the bath (this child of course, swings on everything - truth be known she was probably practicing re-grips ;)) ... anyway, she seems to understand why we kept on telling her not to, and why we kept saying she MIGHT hurt herself. It doesn't seem to sore today - just looks horrible.

and just in case you think I only take pictures of our littlest child, here is Josh at his first flute performance. He did SO well, he just started this year, has never read music before, whereas most of the other kids did some beginning stuff the year or two before and were that little step ahead ... but he was one of the three who did a duet (duet, with three?) at the end ... we're very proud of him :) He is our "unsporty" child - which must be hard in a household that seems to be sports crazy - but we seem to have found his own little niche away from all that :)

... and now, I've really got to go do some housework!


Kiwi Jo said...

hooray!! congratulations on your finish. It really looks lovely and I know my Dad would love it. Congrats to your DS on his flute performance too!

Carol said...

Congrats on the happy dance - just beautiful!!!!!!!!! And on DS's flute performance too! But,oh ouch!! Charlotte!! Yikes!!

Erin said...

Out blog-browsing this morning and found many lovely HDs!!

How neat that your son has found his own niche with music. I was both a musician and an athlete in school - I played flute first, then oboe, and I was on the swim team. Maybe if I had quit the swim team, I would have been a BETTER oboe player....or if I'd quit the oboe I would have won more swimming races!

Carol said...

I just came back to visit again today - because I just had to look at and admire your Happy Dance again :-)

Katrina said...

yay Lisa, well done on your finish, now your needles will be turbo ones working on all the projects for yourself, lol. ouch, poor Charlotte, and great to see a pic of your son playing the flute, you must be very proud of him.

Kath said...

Poor little Charlotte - we all know you beat her up!!! LOL

Go Josh!! Good on him, and he is doing so well Lisa.

Jim is going to be chuffed when he opens that birthday pressie... it looks gorgeous and I can't wait to see it in person.

So what is the next big project, or need I ask? Go you busy girl go!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your latest finish. Ann.