Friday, September 23, 2005

No stitching pictures

I haven't had a very successful stitching week this week. I stitched a little bit on my Celtic Lady on Tuesday, but only got some of her hair done, so I won't bother taking a picture - Tuesday was just wayyyyy too busy, I stitched while I caught up on a couple of Desperate Housewife episodes in the afternoon, but then I had a McDonald's fundraiser to help at (for Cameron's soccer team) and straight from there to Levin for a cricket meeting, DH was away, again, so between all that I had to get kids home and semi-organised ready for biggest brother to get to bed, the rest of the week hasn't got much better!

Work is really busy right now - it's a bit sad that that has been my little bit of "quiet and space", and suddenly that's not happening either! LOL ... I don't mind too much, I quite enjoy it when it's busy - but my stitching is suffering ;)

I've also had a cold all week, so between soccer meeting Monday night, cricket meeting Tuesday night, preparing the accounts, correspondence etc for both of them, and then of course the work I always have after a meeting, not being particularly well, all the usual kids stuff ... needless to say I am hanging out big time for the school holidays to start next week! Life should be slightly quieter, maybe.

I have been stitching Spooky Row - and am nearly finished it, hopefully I'll have a happy dance picture tomorrow :)

Today is DH's birthday - Happy Birthday DH! ... I'm going to try and make a cake that looks like the Birmingham City Football Club's logo this morning, to surprise him - I don't think it will be "too" hard, but I could be fooling myself!

If it turns out okay, I'll take a photo ;)

Oh! and how could I forget ... I *had* to do an on-line stash order (hmmm nearly two weeks ago now) ... I ordered a birth sampler kit I've promised to do for an on-line friend, wedding sampler chart that I'm going to do for my sister who is getting married in February ... and of course I couldn't *just* order those, so I ordered Mermaids of the Deep and the goodies to go with it as well ... I can't wait to start this one, I'm hoping Carol and Katrina will let me join in with their SAL :) ... although, I haven't heard anything back about my order yet, but it is noted that the birth sampler takes 5-6 weeks to order in ... so I'm picking I might have to wait for a while longer *pount*.



Carol said...

Hi Lisa :-) Sorry you didn't have a great stitching week so far. I love the kits you ordered! Great choices!!

I think Katrina was joking a bit about starting the new mermaids so soon.... my rotation schedule is totally full and I ordered CS Kiwi Illusions for it - that will take forever to get here because I have to order through a US shop, which then places the order... it takes soooo long. But you are surely welcome to stitch with us (of course!) when we start - or if you and Katrina want to start really soon, my feelings won't be hurt - LOL!!!

I get to work on CW tonight - yay!!!!!!

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, hope you're feeling a bit better and it sounds like you're really ready for the school break for some chill out time.

Winter into Spring didn't quite get finished the other night, but I've only got a few beads to stitch on. My fabric came for the Mermaids yesterday, Ocean, a new kiwi sparkles that Linda has just created. She has also a greener one called Lagoon. Can't see me making a start on them just yet but if you're interested in a SAL i'd be keen.