Thursday, September 15, 2005

Quick Celtic Summer Update

Very quick ... it's time to get the house and kids organised to go to school!

I'm having such a hard time "only" doing this on Tuesdays, I'd quite happily pick it up and stitch it for a couple of weeks! Although I can see the confetti stitches of the ornament "thingees" on the sides becoming very boring ... I will make sure I keep doing them as i go.

Anyway - here's a picture, this is a much better one than the other day - it shows the true colour a lot better.

Back to the sunflowers today ... hopefully I'll have a happy dance for those tomorrow :)


Carol said...

Oh, she is gorgeous!!!!! Why are you limiting yourself to one day a week?

Faith Ann said...

It's looking fantastic!

Definitely work on the sides as you go... I made the mistake of leaving them for the end on Celtic Christmas and that's one of the reasons I set it aside for 3 years! The repetition is so annoying.

Katrina said...

Lisa, wow, you've made great progress, I'd say if you're enjoying stitching her keep going, lol.

zoeandcooper said...

She is stunning!!! Those are some of my favorite colors. I also know what you mean about the sides. They drove me nuts on Celtic Spring, but they are worth the work in the end.