Thursday, September 29, 2005

Some pictures - at last!

Spooky Row by Bent Creek - stitched on 28ct Chocolate Country French Linen
Taken out to try and fix my blog settings

Heffalump - free kit from Cross Stitch Crazy - I picked up the magazine yesterday and thought he was just so cute, that I'd stitch him straight away, rather than putting the magazine away and forgetting about it (my usual way of doing things LOL) - I'll make him into a little hanging pillow and put him on the girls dresser - Charlotte loves him :)

and a WIP of America by Little House Needleworks, this will be another one for ebay - I love the chart, but obviously I'm not American so it really wouldn't suit a wall here ;)

and in stitching updates - I haven't worked on Celtic Summer this week - I thought I'd be finished America and was going to stitch on CS for a day once I had ... but I'm still going on it. I should finish it over the next couple of days, then I've got a RR to stitch (a small one) ... then I'm thinking I might dedicate the whole week to Celtic Summer next week ... I'm giving myself a "vacation" - I'm hoping to have all important soccer/cricket stuff out of the way, it's school holidays, and most of all I'm tired and feeling burt out. So I'm planning a week with "just" kids stuff and my stitching ... oh, and deep cleaning DS1's bedroom - he is skiing for the week, so I'm going to get stuck in while he is away!

Righty righty ... need to get in the shower and get moving, I have a list of things to do, plus the grocery shopping - all before 11.15am when my sister drops off her two boys while she goes to work.

Ohhhh I've forgotten to do my show-off post about shooting ... I'll do that later!


Carol said...

Great photos Lisa!! Lovely work -and your huffalump is too, too cute!

Kath said...

You have been busy as usual Lisa. Lovely work. How cute is that elephant too!!

C'mon, tell everyone about your shooting, it is pretty impressive!

Hope that you have a great week next week, I would LOVE a week just being home.

Kiwi Jo said...

Great work Lisa - LOVE the Spooky Row one the best :)

zoeandcooper said...

I love Bent Creeks Alphabet rows. This is a great one and you did a wonderful job on it, too!!

Rowyn said...

You have some wonderful finishes there Lisa - I love them all.