Saturday, October 01, 2005

The promised shooting show-off post!

First of all - thank you for the lovely comments on my stitching, like I read on everyone elses blogs ... comments really make us happy :) ... I should also say while I'm talking about comments - I try to sit down once a week or so and make sure I leave comments where I can ... but life gets in the way - you can be assured I read, and continue to be inspired by lots of stitching blogs!

Wow - it's Saturday, and I shot on Monday ... where do the weeks go!

Monday night was our Closed Champs (as in just for our Association clubs - 3 clubs in all, rather than "Open" which is open to anybody in NZ). I really couldn't be bothered going, as you will no doubt be able to tell from my whining, life has been extra busy lately and a night at home sounded better! But, knowing that it was my last chance to catch up on my Club Champ scores, I thought I should go.

(Club Champs are just our club - total of 25 cards/targets through the season).

Sooooooo ... got there, found I needed to shoot two cards to finish off my club shoots, Roy who is the other Master grader in the club, needed to shoot one. He was 101 ahead of me ... so it was pretty close, although all he needed to do was shoot a good card and he would have beaten me. I saw his score before I went down to shoot ... he shot a 96! (not good ... and believe me, I've shot a few like that this year ;)) - so I knew to beat him, and win our club champs, I needed at least a 98 and a 99 - not easy, but do-able.

Well, guess what? I went down and shot TWO 100's *dancing dancing* ... I was pretty darn pleased with myself!

So not only did I definitely win the club champs and the Master grade - I also won the Closed Champs too (including beating my "best friend" Liz who shot two 99's, and came 2nd - no wonder she hates me LOL).

... I'm sure most of that is gobble de goop ... but it means I did GOOD :)

In other news ... I've hardly stitched at all - work has been busy, including not finishing until about midnight last night (usually finish at 9pm on a Friday night) because I was typing an incredibly boring (and urgent) meeting transcript.

I think DH is taking the kids down to the beach later so I can do some work in peace ... if I do it fast enough I'll sit with my stitching and catch up on a couple of programmes I taped last week - Desperate Housewives, and my new favourite, Afterlife - an English programme sort of like Medium - but much darker.

Hopefully I'll have a happy dance of America to show off tomorrow :)

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Kiwi Jo said...

congratulations Lisa!!!! you have every right to show off! I hope you find some stitching time this weekend.