Monday, October 03, 2005

How about an October rotation?

I'll "just" say October ... because my rotations don't seem to last long! LOL

So here goes ... I've been thinking about this :)

Week one (Mon 3/10 - Sun 9/10) - Finish RR - then Celtic Summer all week.
Next three weeks -
Monday - Drawn Thread, Gameboard Sampler
Tuesday - Rose Arbour (I should finish her this month!)
Wednesday - Celtic Summer
Thurs-Sun - ebay

Hopefully I'll get through a few pieces that way :)

I finished America yesterday, and also did lots of finishing. A few ornaments, but I can't show them yet, because they're not completely finished ... I spent the day doing all the machine sewing and glueing, I now need to do all the cording and hand-sewing to finish them off - so far, so good though :) Also finished Heffalump into a cute little hanging pillow, Charlotte loves him :)

I'm going to sit and watch last week's Desperate Housewives now and finish the RR I'm stitching - so I'm all ready to sit and vege in front of the TV with Celtic Summer tonight, I can't wait! It seems like forever since I've been home on a Monday night.

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