Sunday, October 23, 2005

I've been sewing!

... and made a pretty party dress for Charlotte - it has puffed sleeves and all, I'll try and get a picture of her in it tomorrow, I also whipped up, very quickly and roughly a little dress for her baby/cabbage patch doll in the same fabric - she thought that was pretty cool, I love how you can keep a nearly 4yo happy with such little things :)

Of course, that means I haven't stitched much the last couple of days, or worked (*shhhhhhh* I know that cricket GST form is calling, loudly!). It's a long weekend here, Monday being a public holiday, so I'll do the boring work stuff tomorrow.

My order from ABC Stitch arrived - yahooo! ... I started the birth sampler and it looks like it will be a pretty quick stitch, thank goodness. Pictures, and links tomorrow (I should be tidying the kitchen and getting dinner ready) ... I'd also ordered Mermaids of the Deep plus threads and beads ... now I just need fabric, it's going to be hard not to start that one, but I have way too many Mirabilias started and not finished ;)

Ohhhhh and talking about Mirabilia - she has a new Limited Edition kit out, and I want it, badly, more badly than I've wanted stitching stuff for a while ... I have enough in my Paypal account but I'm supposed to use that for Christmas gifts, oh, the pitfulness of it all ... I'm going to have to splurge, I'm just not sure how quite yet LOL

Okay, I really need to go get dinner etc ready ... DH will be back with the girls from the supermarket and wondering what I've been doing for the last hour!

Carol - I emailed you about Rose Arbour fabric, but it bounced back, I'll copy the email into your comments, probably later tonight :)

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