Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Don't you love school holidays ... I've had time to write in my blog a few days in a row! Of course, I have one 11yo sulking in his bedroom, he's been holding this grudge since about 2pm yesterday ... as I have told him, this has nothing to do with the original telling off now ... it is all to do with him needing to move on - which is up to him *sigh*. I have two little girls fighting over one ball ... even though there are a few other balls they could play with. Talking about balls though ... Rhiannon's record for getting the ball into the basketball hoop is now nine in a row ... I'm beginning to think I might be dreaming about her playing soccer rather than netball! LOL

Anyway ... on to the pictures ...

America by Little House Needleworks (I love their designs, more and more all the time!)

A small RR finish - from one of the many books I've got ... I don't have a lot of Autumn patterns at all really, I found it hard to find a nice one.

and last, but definitely not least - an update on Celtic Summer, I don't think the colour is very good in this photo - it looks too bright, the fabric colour is more of a muted blue.

I might try and update CS daily this week ... I'm hoping to get lots done!

Sheesh ... now Charlotte has come in, in tears, because she wants her training wheels back on her bike, be assured - she doesn't need them, she is riding her bike like a pro ... she gets some very fixed, silly, ideas sometimes.

I think I need to take them all out to the park or something, it's a beautiful day, so I might just do that - they obviously need it!


Christine Doyle said...

Wooohooo! Great pics! I love how CS is coming along. Looking forward to future pictures.

Mia said...

Ohhhhh, your stitching is beautiful, Lisa. I love all of your projects. Very pretty.

Your children sound very similar to mine. I can't tell you how many times me or my DH have told our DS he has to move on and let stuff go. He is one who can sulk like your DS. I wonder if it is the age. Mine just turned 12. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you and your kids.

LOL I just realized you being in New Zealand that you are just starting your summer holidays. We just started back to school 2 1/2 weeks ago. I hope your summer weather doesn't get as sticky and hot as ours did this summer.

zoeandcooper said...

All of your WIPs are looking wonderful. CS is gorgeous. I love the colors!!

Carol said...

They all look great! Looking forward to seeing what you get done on CS now :-) I can tell you really love that one.... it is so gorgeous! I love LHN too - they are so cute, have you seen the new release, Coffee Menu yet?? Cute!

Jenna said...

Everything looks great! Keep up the good work. :)

Faith Ann said...

Everything looks fantastic!! I love the little scarecrow :)

Everytime you describe something that Charlotte has done, it reminds me of my DS...it sounds like they have similar, very determined, attitudes!