Thursday, October 13, 2005

I can't believe a week has gone by!

That's what happens when the kids go back to school!

Hmmmm so what has been happening in the last week? I really can't remember, so it can't have been to earth shattering.

I have a couple of pictures to share though, that has got to be good.

Firstly, my progress on Celtic Summer -

This one is much truer to the colours. She is now my Wednesday night stitch, which will hopefully work well!

and, um, remember I said I'd work on her ALL of last week, well, I got distracted with one of the Ornament RR's I'm in ... and stitched that instead. I'll make this one a link because there might be people who still want to be surprised when it comes to their turn to stitch it.

The first one in this album

I've also stitched on Sampler Gameboard and Rose Arbour this week - but there isn't really enough progress to bother showing it. I'm really hoping to finish Rose Arbour this month though - even if I take a few days and stitch solidly on it.

I've also set up another blog, really to keep a record for me, of my dieting and biking endeavour link to Dieting and Biking Kiwi (I hope that works, blogger seems to be having some issues right now). It's pretty boring really, I'm trying to keep good track of what I eat etc ... but if I think other people are looking it might keep me on track more! LOL

Kids are arriving home now, so time to go ... I need to find my next ebay thing to stitch and get that kitted and ready to go, get some soccer/cricket work ready to go, in hope that it's a quiet night at work tonight - hasn't happened for a few weeks though!


Bea said...

A very good progress!!! Congrats!

Kath said...

Loved the ornament Lisa, came up a treat. Was that silver stuff ok to use?
Making good progress on CW too. Not that much for me this week, head things, can't wait for the new specs to arrive. Might be needing to wear them more.

zoeandcooper said...

Wow, you have made an amazing amount of progress on this. Every time I see your work on it, I am reminded of how much I love the colors in CS. Keep up the good work!!

Carol said...

WOW! She looks great! I can tell you are enjoying this one - my money is on you to finish first!!