Monday, October 17, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy ...

Ugh, I hate it when I don't have enough time to stitch!

Firstly - thank you for all your lovely comments on my progress picture, you are right Carol I am loving Celtic Summer, but now I've put her down for one day a week, she'll be going a bit slower!

No progress pictures today - I haven't stitched a lot in the last few days at all, work has been busy, so no time to stitch there, and because I've been busy there I also haven't been able to sneak in my soccer or cricket work and are having to do that at home.

Saturday night when I should have had more time I was too tired. When I get really tired my hands get "sore" and don't work - does this happen to anyone else? They feel like I imagine restless legs feel, not sore as such, but too big and strange feeling - kwim? or not LOL

Anyway, what else have I been doing? Saturday morning I went for a bike-ride, then off to help with cricket registrations, home for lunch and then Rhiannon off to her gym competition. She did okay - "stuck" her handstand which was the biggie for her this time, didn't fall off the beam ... but did land on her bottom when she swung off the bar, I *think* her coach forgot to move the beatboard back so she knocked her heels on it as she landed and landed with a thump - instant at least 0.5 reduction :( - but the WONDERFUL thing about my girl is that she jumps up with a smile, carries on, and then skips to the next apparatus ... no head down glooms for her :)

Here is a video of her floor routine - bit small, and a bit far away, sorry!

Sunday I went into work - can't say no to weekend overtime! I ended up being there from 10am-3pm which is basically the whole day gone, I did stop at Spotlight and bought some fabric to make Charlotte a couple of dresses, I'm fast coming to the realisation that my time for making pretty dresses for the girls is running out, Rhiannon isn't interested in homemade clothes anymore :( ... and it won't be long before Charlotte is at that age too ... so pretty dresses this summer, here we come! LOL

My wonderful DH gave the house a really GOOD tidy and vacuum while I was out and about, plus caught up on all the laundry ... I'll keep him :) - it is wonderful this morning getting up to a still clean, tidy, house and knowing I can get stuck into some work without looking at the mess thinking I should be doing that!

Must be time to get moving for the day ... hopefully I'll have more progress pictures sometime this week!

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Faith Ann said...

What a great video!!

Hope you have more time for stitching this week!