Monday, October 31, 2005

Ever have one of those days?

That would be my day today ... really, you have to laugh!

1. Spend half an hour combing through children's hair after applying special head lice shampoo last night because one has definite eggs (couldn't see any creepy crawlies so I'm hoping I caught them early).

2. Washing machine pipe thingee flew off the taps where it is aimed in the laundry basin and aimed towards the floor instead = very flooded laundry and bathroom and = lots of wet towels to wash.

3. Put the pipe back thinking it is okay, wash towels ... and come in just as washing machine finishes it's first rinse ... to find it's popped out again and the floor is flooded, again ... but not nearly as bad as the first time ... another load of wet towels *sigh*.

4. Come home from bike ride to phone call from a parent asking about cricket, they haven't heard anything yet and registered their darling a couple of weeks ago ... find registration form, with about 20 others that were hidden behind receipted forms in a folder - I can sort of blame the Treasuer, but I should have seen them. Cricket teams have been organised and started last week (I've since got emails back from most of the coordinators to say they'd picked up most of them in the last couple of weeks anyway *phew*).

5. Go to bank to add me as a signatory for the Cricket Association, plus open a special cheque account for rep teams ... to be told I need to do it at the Levin branch where our account is held ... grrrrrrrrr ...

About that time, going back to bed and getting up and starting all over again sounded good!


I had a good bike ride, Charlotte is being sweet, the sun is shining ... so it's not ALL bad LOL!

I spent a lovely day yesterday finishing off ornaments - a couple I'd put together and just needed cording put on, and a couple of others I needed to put together -

I'm very proud of my first attempt at a the boxed one (cripes, what are they called?) ... it took much longer than I thought - I glued the cross-stitch and all the fabric onto the individual pieces, and then sewed them together to give it a sewn look ... that sewing was hard work - anyone know of an easy and neat way of doing it? It was worth it - I think it looks pretty darn good :)

My ornament making skills are getting better and better (nice pat on the back to me) - I think these came out really well - and there were no disasters on the way with any of them!

It's nearly 3pm here - time to go stitch for a little while, and then off to the shops to pick up a few things, get dinner ready, fold the 3 loads of washing on the line and then off to the shooting wind-up for the season, I'll take the three middle kids with me and they can have a go at the fun shoot - and leave the oldest to babysit the youngest at home. DH is away again.

Enjoy your Halloween if you're in the Halloweeny part of the world :)


Carol said...

What a hectic, crazy day for you - but wow, those ornaments are fantastic!!

Bea said...

The ornaments are wonderful!!!

Mia said...

Holy Cow!!! You have some really beautiful finishes. Gosh, you make me want to stitch and finish about a dozen things. I love them all Lisa.

Kath said...

Yip, starting the day again sounds good to me Lisa!

LOVE your finishes and the CUBE IT looks great. I look forward to seeing it in person. I will be taking lessons from you before long. The Home For Christmas ornie is good too.

I saw a tip the other day for the cube its... use a curved needle. Do you think that might help?

Kath said...

Actually, watching Desperate Housewives on Monday night and seeing Lynette de-licing her kids reminded me of you Lisa. We hae a lot in common with those women you know.

Erin said...

Beautiful ornies!!! I love the cube....the kitty is too cute!

Lelia said...

Sorry about your day .... but, am happy dancing with you on your fine finishes. Stunning ornaments -- stitching & finishing.

Jenna said...

Yikes, what a day! But those ornaments are wonderful! I admire your courage to try the cube. I'll have to try one someday - yours looks fantastic!

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Your ornaments look great! You did a wonderful job on the finishing. There are several that you've done from the JCS issue that are on my 'must stitch' list. Seeing yours finished is certainly inspiring.