Monday, October 24, 2005

Couple of pictures

Firstly, progress on Baby in Hand - I started this on Friday night, and so far it's stitching up pretty fast, this is for an internet friend on my Playgroup board.

Here is the progress picture -

and here is a link to a picture of the kit

In that same ABC Stitch order, I also got the chart that I'm doing for my sister for her Wedding in February Apache Wedding Blessing I'm a bit worried about how long this is going to take me to stitch, when the chart calls for three of colours needing two skeins of floss, it makes me go eeeek! LOL - I've just dug out my fat quarter of Silkweaver's Summer Breeze that I knew I had, I think it is perfect for this chart ... so I'm also going to try and push to have it finished before the end of the December and Silkweaver's close off for their Showcase competition.

Once again, I'm going to have re-work my rotation ... I seem to do that a lot, maybe it's the fun part of stitching for me!

and here is a picture of Charlotte in her new dress, plus the little dress I made for her doll, I'm pretty impressed with myself managing to do the puffy sleeves and cuffs without mucking them up!

Thanks for looking :)

I'm off to pull out threads and play with my stitching now - I have an hour before it's time to pick up Rhiannon and Charlotte from Corey's party, and before the boys come back from cricket practice ... it's lovely and quiet here :)


Jenna said...

I love Apache Wedding Blessing, so I will be watching carefully to see how long it takes you!

The dress you made for Charlotte is wonderful and that fabric is so sweet! Congrats on such a great job!

Kath said...

Oh lisa, she looks so cute! You clever girl you! Brings back memories of when I used to make the CPK clothes for my girls - and knit them jerseys the same. the hours I spent working out pattrns and the like. We still have them all I think. Some things will just not get given away.

Kali said...

It all looks great! I remember HAVING matching clothes with my CPK, actually some of it might still be hanging around in my mother's attic now that I think about it. I'm not starting to do the same for my niece with her American Girl :)

Erin said...

Beautiful stitching and sewing! And your adorable daughter looks tickled pink (hehehe, pardon the pun) with her dress and matching dolly clothes.

Mia said...

Lisa, as always your stitching is beautiful. I think the dresses are absolutely gorgeous. She looks so pretty in pink (and so does her friend)