Sunday, October 30, 2005

a Whoops ... and busy week!

I'm sure I had two whoopses ... and I was going to blog about both of them, but for the life of me I can't remember what the second was! LOL ... I know I had to frog too much of the Apache Wedding Blessing and I thought maybe that made three ... so what was the second?

Anyway, here is the first whoops ... this hangs just above our TV in the lounge ... how much do you want to bet it is the result of a ball hitting it? or maybe if all the children are innocent, it was the sliding door slamming ... I'm betting on the ball scenario ... although we have no confessors ;)

... and here is a picture on the progress of Apache Wedding Blessing, not really much to show, this isn't going to be a quick stitch, quite fiddly and bigger than I thought -

I notice Picturetrail has thumbnails now! I'm going to have to do a wee play around at some stage with my sidebar and work out how to put some WIP pictures there :)

As for a busy week, I can't really remember what I've been doing - the usual family things, I DO know it's been a really nice relaxed week, no major deadlines to stress over ... just general busyiness :) ... and it's been beautiful weather which always makes everything seem so much nicer.

We had our school's big fundraiser last night - they do a fair/fireworks display for Guy Fawkes night (which is 5th Nov, but I suppose they pick the best Saturday closest to that date). The weather held out and it seems to have gone well - I did my two hour stint at one of the stalls ... and then went home while DH took the kids to the fireworks - he offered, how could I say no? LOL

It's only a few weeks until our next run of birthdays starts, then Christmas ... it's always a couple of busy months for us - birthdays, end of school year, Christmas ... I always feel in control and then all of a sudden am overwhelmed! Charlotte is first on November 19th - she'll be four. I'm still not sure what to do party-wise for her, she doesn't really have a lot of friends (she's always been very shy and keeps to herself, and most of my friends have older children - I'm the only crazy one who kept having them a little longer LOL) ... so I'm thinking of talking to friends of ours - Lisa with five children (sound familiar? LOL) ... her two oldest are best friends with Cameron and Rhiannon and then Charlotte is between her next two - Rebecca and Corey (Corey from the photos who play together a lot) - and seeing if they want to come have a BBQ that night, being a Saturday night - we can have some cake and party food as well and call that her party. I've also got to find a "colourful scooter" ... which is what she's been telling me she wants for a few months now.

Rhiannon is next on 11th December - she'll be 7yo, I've booked at a new local party place - a fairy themed party with everything there AND supplied - all I'll have to do is send out invitations and make a cake :)

Then Cameron is the 20th of December (turning 10yo), which also happens to be the last day of school, ever since he started school we've had his party last day of school - which is usually a few days before his birthday, last day is very late this year. He wants to take a few friends to Laserforce in Wellington, then back here for the night - pretty easy too ... I feel sort of organised :)

... and once all that is over, I'll hopefully be semi-organised for Christmas somewhere inbetween!

I'm having to think about a new rotation too ... gosh the last one lasted, um, 1 week? ROTFLOL ... I really do need a good one to stick to so I get these obligation gifts out of the way, and enjoy stitching them - plus some ebay things - big son is going off to a cricket camp in December! ... and of course Celtic Summer which I didn't stitch this week because I carried on with the Santa piece (I'll take a picture soon).

Today I plan on getting my sewing machine out and finishing off some ornaments and trying one of those cute little (Eati?) bags.

Have a great day!


Carol said...

Oh no!!!!!!!!!! I would guess ball hitting or at least horsing around and throwing "something" had to have caused that heartbreaking damage :-( OK, feeling pretty good right now that I don't have kids! LOL!

Rowyn said...

What a shame - it is such a beautiful piece. Hope it is not too costly for a new piece of glass, and that the stitching itself isn't damaged in any way.