Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I hate waiting!

I put through an order with ABC Stitch over a month ago, one of the things was a Birth Sampler kit that had with the details to expect a 4-5 week wait due to ordering it in, so that's fine, I've waited patiently for those four weeks ... but about 9 days ago (I think on a Saturday so it probably wasn't sent until the US Monday) they let me know they were sending the order to me next business day ... I've been checking the post box for the last few days, hoping it will be there - I'm so impatient! LOL ... I shouldn't be - there is the birth sampler I'm doing for an internet friend in there, plus the chart for my sister for her Wedding in February, both obligation things that I'm going to have to knuckle down and stitch pretty quickly ... I should enjoy the no obligation stitching for a while! LOL

Meanwhile, I'm still pretty busy and not stitching as much as I'd like - next week should be quieter, I can't wait! I've got a couple of pictures though -

The L*K Santa I'm doing for ebay -

and the Urn I'm working on for Rose Arbour - the last couple of weeks I've managed to do most of the greenery, which isn't so bad considering I've only managed a bit of time here and there on the Tuesdays.

Today it's back to Celtic Summer for the day :) I'm planning on doing some sewing this afternoon (if I have time ... more on that later), so will probably only get a couple of hours on CS this evening, after I've been for my walk.

I had planned a nice quiet day today, some cricket cheques etc to send off after our meeting last night, and maybe some quick housework, but then the rest of the day to sew, or whatever. So what have I done? Taken Cameron to the doctor - poor thing has a fungal rash of some sort right, well, where he won't let his mother look! but he was good at letting the doctor have a look and hopefully the cream he has got will make it better, we bought some OTC stuff late last week but it just hasn't been getting better, poor thing. I've been to the empty Post Box (darn it! LOL), picked up a few groceries, taken the opportunity of having Cameron home to get his and Charlotte's hair cut ... and now it's 11.30am and half the day has gone! (of course I'm sitting here now, when I could be doing other things too LOL).

... and lastly, just because they're so cute - Charlotte and her friend Corey :)


Kath said...

Poor Cameron. Hope he comes right soon.

You be nice to the posties too.... lol

Loved the pic of Charlotte and Corey.

BTW, Kev has calmed down now!

Carol said...

I hear ya! I am waiting on a piece of Country Stitch fabric from ABC Stitch and I am going crazy waiting to see it! ABC Stitch is in my state though, so hopefully once it ships it will come quickly. I know it is not their fault, and you know that too, but yep, the waiting is terrible!

I didn't know you were working on Rose Arbor! I love that one. I have been piling fabrics up for it to do a floss toss soon :-) Yours looks great!

Thanks for posting support for Becky - I am so enraged by what I read in her blog today... people are so immature - why should anyone at all care how many comments she gets?? Amazing. I hope Becky doesn't let it make her crazy!

Carol said...

Ooops forgot - aw, Charlotte and Corey look too, too cute!

Carol said...

Lisa - what fabric are you using for Rose Arbor? I like it.... it looks like one of the directions I am leaning in with my choices too... another direction is, Romantic Interlude I think? It is a rosy color... :-)

Lelia said...

Charlotte & Corey are too cute! Enjoy your progress pictures, too. Have a nice week-end.

Faith Ann said...

What a sweet picture!

I love that Lizzie Kate pattern you are stitching, I have it around here somewhere :)

As for waiting? I'm not very good at it either. I just rec'd a note from ABC saying that my order would be shipped and now that I know it's coming, I want it now!