Wednesday, November 02, 2005

No stitching room aka organised mess!

Okay, I've been browsing through various blogs showing off their stitching rooms ... can you say "seriously jealous"??? ... I would LOVE a craft room, all of my own, sad fact is - we have five children in a four bedroom house and it will be a LONG time before that changes. Having said that - be assured, I DO know how lucky I am - I know there are women out there who would easily give up their stitching havens if it meant having a child, I DO know we are very blessed with the healthy, happy five we have ... and the roof over our heads.

Anyway - I organised my magazines this morning, and got carried away and went through a few other things too ... so thought I'd take some photos of my various little "hideaways" throughout the house :)

Link to non-stitching room album

and I've got to say ... all the quilting magazines, all the quilting fabric etc? I haven't actually done a lot of quilting - I'm working towards it and really truly plan to do more as time lets me - but I'm embarrassed at the amount of quilting "stash" I have, when I hardly ever use it!

Also in defence of the mess in our front lounge - it is also an extra TV room for the kids (or us), it's my office for all the work I do from home, has the computer, as well as a lot of my sewing things :)

... and now I've wasted most of the afternoon doing all of that, I'll go stitch for about half an hour before the after school rush starts. I am taking Cameron into Wellington for an Artsplash concert - a combined schools concert, he is in the choir. I'm hoping DH is going to be home in time to take care of the other kids - otherwise I've got to get hold of my sister in the next half hour or so and make sure she can - big son who would usually do it got his cricket practice changed to today at the last minute!


Julie said...

I just love your hidey place for the trainer wheels! One day you will use all those quilting mags because when the bug gets you its serious, trust me!

Faith Ann said...

All of the ornaments you finished recently are BEAUTIFUL!!! You did a fantastic job finishing them up!

I know what you mean about having all of your craft stuff organized, even if it's scattered throughout the house. Mine was that way for years until we moved. I think you've done very well to keep things organized in dressers and desks the way you've got a *lot* of stash!

Erin said...

I keep "re-organizing" my a result, NOTHING is organized.... *sigh* And it doesn't help that I have 2 or 3 very different hobby interests!! If I could just get DH to see the value of putting a counter & some old cupboards in our semi-finished basement for me.... hehehe

bunnyhead said...

I was so excited when we moved into this house 4 years ago because it had 4 bedrooms and I was finally going to have a room of my own for my sewing machine and hobbies... the very night we moved in I found out I was pregnant! My dreams of a sewing room were very short lived. LOL I'm so jealous of other's stash spaces too. (popped in through Stitching Boggers random link)