Sunday, November 06, 2005

50km ... and still walking!

I biked my first ever bike race today - Tour de Waikanae - local to us and pretty flat and easy :) ... I biked the 50km section in 2hr15min, and I'm very proud of myself :D ... definitely not the fastest or near the front of the race - but I did it!

In stitching news - I've finished lots of little things ready to sell on ebay over the past couple of weeks, and haven't really worked on my other big pieces at all. I really need to work out a good rotation that takes care of everything, that, or have an extra couple of days every week!

I'll take photos tomorrow, maybe.

Okay ... here we go -

November Rotation

Sunday - Apache Wedding Blessing
Monday - Ebay
Tuesday - Celtic Summer
Wednesday - Ornament
Thursday - Ebay
Friday - Ebay
Saturday - Ebay

We'll see how that works out ... I have the baby sampler I should be doing too, but I'll leave that for this month or slot it in if I have a quiet afternoon during the week.

... and now that I'm feeling super virtuous, I'm going to go stitch the afternoon away!


Kiwi Jo said...

Congratulations on the bike race - what an achievement!

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, how's it going? looking forward to seeing your ebay stitching. well done on the bike race too. I'm seriously thinking about buying a new bike to get back into cycling. Glenn and I hired bikes in Raro and it took us just under 4 hrs to cycle 30kms - but thats with quite a few pit stops, lol.

Jenna said...

Wow! That's a wonderful accomplishment! You should be really proud. :)