Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Apache Wedding Progress

It's coming along, albeit slowly :)

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The exciting bit is that I've just about hit the bottom of that side - just the wood things across the bottom and I've only got to "fill in" that side piece.

I'm going to switch to Celtic Summer for a night or two now - then I really have to start looking for a couple of things I want to stitch as gifts for Christmas ... nothing like working to the last minute LOL - I have finished all my exchange obligations though.

Oh! and more good news - I fiddled with the bobbin from my sewing machine yesterday and have fixed it, it did take a bit of tweaking though *phew* ... and I finished up a couple of ornaments, with it working fine.

I've got to drive up to Levin today to sort out some banking things for the Cricket Association, they have a great adventure park up there so I'll stop and Charlotte can have run around - so she'll be happy.

I also want to go for a bike-ride later, not sure when though - possibly after dinner (darn it, that will cut into CS time!). Now I'm doing the eating thing right, I can't let the exercise lapse.

My last lot of ebay items have sold - they didn't the first time and I had a wee panic, I put them on for 99c and got more than I originally put them on for - I hate taking those sorts of risks, but sheesh, maybe I should more often! Good news is I have enough in my Paypal account to transfer over to pay for David's Cricket Camp next week - that is a good feeling.

Talking of David - he's off for a trip into the city today as recognition to the top English students ... we're very proud of him - he's had a great first year of high school :)

Okay, off to do the mundane ... waking up children, getting them dressed, fed and out the door!


Carol said...

Lisa, your Apache Wedding Blessing is just gorgeous on that fabric!! Wow!! Congrats to David, big woo hoo for him!

Carol said...

Forgot to say, but too important to not come back and say it now... you owe yourself a huge pat on the back for earning the money for your son's cricket camp by selling stitching on ebay! I am just so impressed!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

Hi Lisa

Thanks for you comment on Celtic Autumn hun. Love your Apache Wedding Blessing, looking forward to more updates. Keep them coming.

Hugs xxxxxxx