Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Another whoops ... and Princess Bags

Can you believe I've done ANOTHER dumb thing? Gosh, I wasn't called Dottie as a child for nothing! LOL ... I went to a meeting last night, put my purse in the car so it would be safe ... of course I took DH's car, and he's gone to work - over an hour away, not to mention he wasn't planning on coming home again until Saturday - and yep, I left my purse in the glovebox of his car - so instead of grocery shopping I'm sitting here! Luckily - he is flying out of Wellington at about 7pm, so he should be able to leave work a bit earlier and stop here to drop it off on his way through to the airport - and meanwhile I'll borrow big son's eft-pos card, transfer some money on to it and be able to do the groceries. Of course, he's in an exam until after 11am, but he'll wait outside the high-school after that and I'll pick it up off him - gosh texting and phones (although they're not supposed to use them in school!) are great :) I suppose I could do some housework to fill in time for next couple of hours ;)

More importantly - I made up the Princess bags yesterday, and am really really pleased with them, they were pretty easy to make, they're not lined, but have french seams - another new thing to learn, and done successfully :D The girls love them - Rhiannon has taken hers off to school with her library book in it, and Charlotte has a couple of nightgowns in hers (maybe she's planning on spending a few nights away from home? LOL).

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I'm planning on making up a couple with a couple of cross-stitch squares for the pockets, and maybe making a needlebook that will attach somehow ... Dh's Aunt and his cousin are quilters and I thought they'd make great Christmas gifts.

Today I plan on stitching the Prairie Schooler Band Sampler, maybe even finishing it - if you're observant you will have noticed I've gone off my rotation, yet again, but once the sampler is finished I'll probably spend a week stitching MY things, rather than ebay things.

Okay ... off to make use of the couple of hours I should be shopping, I'll go do some cleaning.

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Jenna said...

Those princess bags turned out to be so lovely! You should be really proud and I'm sure both girls love them to death. :) Congrats!