Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A year sure goes by fast - 2005 Stitching Review

Okay, I know - there is still a month to go, and in that month I should definitely finish Rose Arbour, and maybe even Celtic Summer ... maybe.

I was thinking about what I've stitched this year, and even more what I haven't! I went back and found my post from the end of last year where I listed all the projects I wanted to do - it wasn't really a goal setting process, I knew I wouldn't get everything done - but I'm amazed (and embarrassed!) at how many I haven't even touched in that year, some of them very longstanding WIP's - it sure doesn't feel like it's been that long!

Here's the list from 27 December 2005 - and next to it what I did/didn't achieve :)

Mirabilia WIP's/UFO's
Ashley's Roses - didn't touch
Rose Arbour - should finish before end of 2005
Sleeping Beauty - didn't touch

New Mirabilias
Lily the Dreaming Fairy - No
Petal Fairy - very small start
Cottage Garden Fairy - No
The Dreamer - No
The Kiss - stitched about a third
Madonna of the Garden - No

Stitch NZ (canvas work)
Gay Day - No
and another - I can't remember it's name. - No

The Silver Lining
All the single roses - started Love, about a third

Indigo Rose
Needlebook - No
Desiderata (a longstanding WIP I haven't worked on for quite a while) - No

Dollhouse - No
Seasons - No
Merry Christmas - No

The Drawn Thread
Perennial Border - Yes, but for ebay - still want to stitch for me
The Sanctary - No
Prairie Garden - No
Marriage of Minds - No
Sampler Gameboard - small progress

Little Mermaid kit - No

Just Nan
Black Magic - No

Elizabeth Designs
Gardens - No
October Sky Sampler - No
In the Garden of my Heart - No

Plus -

Summer Bouquet - No
Amish Quilt Sampler (TIAG) - No
TW - 12 days of Christmas - No
Applique piece from a magazine - No
Bent Creek rows series - No (although did do one for ebay)
L*K - Summer and Winter snippets - No
Victoria Sampler - Sweet Pea Gazebo - Yes, and finished!
L&L - Celtic Summer - Yes, started as a SAL with Blogging friends

and this is what I DID stitch, and finish :)

14 Ornaments
17 RR Squares and Exchanges

Live Laugh Love
Summer ABC’s
Friendship Grows
Friends Make Life a Little Sweeter
Santa 2002
When We Love

Little House Needleworks
The Bookshelf
Peace and Plenty

Victoria Sampler
Sweetpea Gazebo

Shepherds Bush
Violet Sampler

The Drawn Thread
Sunflower Sampler
Perennial Border
Spot of Spring

The Trilogy
Friends Gather

The Prairie Schooler
Garden Sampler

Bent Creek
Bee True
Spooky Row

Setting Sail Kit

So, in summary? I'm disappointed that I don't have any "big" finishes (except the Sailing kit for friends), I'm hoping to change that by having Rose Arbour finished by the end of the year. I seem to have had a bitsy year - lots of ebay things, which is great - but takes up precious "me" stitching time - I don't see that changing next year, through pure necessity, and I'm fine with that - by 2007 I'm hoping we'll be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel - and maybe then I can *really* enjoy my "me" stitching.

Look out for my 2006 goals/wishes ... I'm going to start working on them, and hopefully work out some specific goals I really want to stick to - I think 2006 will be a finishing off UFO's and WIP's year for me :)


Faith Ann said...

17 RR and exchanges?! WOW!!

You've had lots of nice finishes this year, even if they were smaller than you'd like.

If you plan to concentrate on your WIPs next year, you'll definitely get some larger finishes in that will make you happy :)

Kath said...

Wow, to me that is a lot of finishes Lisa. I think you do remarkedly well with your stitching.

I am sure we will see you with your stitching more often now.... those bigger projects. Perhaps we will get more Wednesdays in in the Winter - and a few more Saturdays too. LOL They are invaluable.