Friday, December 02, 2005

Conquering the Maungakotukutuku Road

While I was training for the Taupo Cycle Challenge Fiona and I started biking up Maungakotukutuku Road (otherwise known as the Maungatooks!), a couple of times I've been up there I've thought I *must* remember my camera, will I finally remembered yesterday! So yes, I'm going to bore you with non-stitching, but beautiful scenary, pictures :) It is a 2.5km climb up to the top - one day I will get all the way up without stopping! Yesterday I finally made it up the first steep 500m or so - from there I can make it the 2km up to the top without stopping. I just need to put the two together now! Apparently, if you can do the Maungatooks twice, you're ready for the Akataras, another windy road leading up the hills.

Anyway, the photos :)

The bottom!

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The stop at the first 500m (well, I had to take a photo, right?)

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The top!

Image Hosting by (I did bike to the top, but came down again for a better view ;))

The view :)

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The houses you can see by the see way in the distance, by the sea, is where I (and Kath!) live. The road in between is Valley Road - where the Maungatooks turn off from - it's a bit of a climb to make it to that road too!

and a better view of Kapiti Island ... and the blueness of a beautiful day!

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It's worth the hard slog on the bike just to stop and look at the view!

I promise that I'll have stitchie pictures in my next update! I need to take a photo of Celtic Summer, I did a wee bit more a couple of days ago. I started "Take Time to Quilt" last night at work, and should have more progress of that in a couple of days too.


Kiwi Jo said...

Awesome photos Lisa - you're making me homesick again!!! Congratulations on the achievement though!

Julie said...

Thanks for the beautiful photos. You certainly live in a wonderful setting.

Rowyn said...

Great photos, what a beautiful day for a bike ride! :-)

Carol said...

What a neat treat Lisa! Thanks! That is amazing scenery!

Kali said...

Beautiful photos Lisa ;) Looks like quite a ride you took.