Monday, December 19, 2005

One last picture ...

Okay ... I lied, it's actually two - but it's of the same thing!

Charlotte brought me home her little gift from daycare today ... and it is so sweet I have to show it off :)

Here is the closed box ... (sorry it's rather blurry!) -

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and once opened ...

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The little verse on the inside of the lid reads ...

This special box I give to thee
Holds the magic of the sea
When life seems to be amiss
Just lift the lid and make a wish

Charlotte tells me she sprinkled the sand in and stuck the shells in :)


Katrina said...

oohh Lisa, that is so sweet - did you cry :) I know I would!

Mia said...

Lisa, I love all of your finishes and progress pictures. They are beautiful.

I especially love your gift from Charlotte. What a wonderful gift!! I love getting those gifts from my children. They are always on display in my house and are my most priceless possessions!!

BeckySC said...

Oh, how very special for you, Lisa :) It made me smile to read your entry :)

I love your latest finishes :)WOW and WOW again :)

I wanted to let you know that my dinner party went very well on Saturday night...thanks for asking. It was a most wonderful time and everyone enjoyed themsleves :) I am already looking forward to next year. :)

Have a VERY Merry Christmas :)


tkdchick said...

awww how sweet!