Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Some photos ...

Firstly, a big Happy Birthday to my now 7yo Rhiannon - her birthday was on Sunday, she had a lovely party with her friends and hopefully a nice day with her family :) Hard to believe my little girl is 7yo ... I can still remember the excitement and wonderment at having a girl when she fell out (and yeah, she literally fell out - such an elegant start to the world LOL) - don't get me wrong, I love my boys and was never disappointed that they were boys, not girls ... but after three of them, you can only imagine the wonderment of a girl.

Anyway - here she is with her birthday cake -
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and with her fairy friends at her fairy party (at a party place ... so worth it, NO hassles or stress!).

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and lastly, her funky fairy cake - I'm pretty darn pleased with how it worked out, she loved it - and even mentioned how lucky she was to have a mum like me awwwwwww ...

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and now some stitching photos - this IS a stitching blog ...

Take Time to Quilt -

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and all my ornaments from years of stitching friends/exchanges :)

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

I'm sure I had lots more to say ... but can't think what now! No doubt it will all come back to me as soon as I walk away from here.

Meanwhile - I hope you're all having a great week!


Faith Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Rhiannon! You did an *awesome* job on the cake. Do you think you could ship a cake from NZ to Canada for my son's birthday? LOL

I love how you have your stitching ornaments displayed...that's a great idea!

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, looks like Rhiannon had a lovely birthday and I'd like to order a cake just like it for my niece's 5th b'day early March, lol.
You have some lovely ornies there, isn't it neat to get them out each year and think back on whom you've exchanged with? :)
Good news too, I'm finally back working on Celtic Winter. Enjoy your evening.

AnneS said...

Looks like a fantastic fairy party - great fun, and the girls all look like they adored it! Take Time to Quilt is really pretty too - I love all the specialty stitches :) Also, love the ornaments on the swag - that's a great way to display them!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Rhiannon! What a gorgeous name - and such a gorgeous girl!! Oh, she and her pals look so pretty! Great party there, Mummy!!

Your Take Time to Quilt again looks just amazing - and your mantle too - so much eye candy from you today :-)

Mia said...

Happy Birthday Rhiannon!!!! Oh what a wonderful party she must have had. I LOVE the cake. Did you make it, Lisa?

Your "Take time for quilting" is lovely as are all of the lovely stitched ornaments.

BeckySC said...

Hi Lisa :)
I tried to post last night to tell you how much I loved your ornie display, but blogger was giving me a fit and wouldn't let me post to some blogs!

I love the bond you have with your daughter. That's special! She is a doll too!! I have a friend that has 4 daughters and longed for a son, never did get that son-all her duaghters have had girls as well. Now she has 4 daughters and 6 grand daughters :)

BeckySC said...

OOps, forget to say-that b-day cake is AWESOME!

Jenna said...

Great party, mom! You hit the jackpot on that cake; it looks fabulous!! I'm so glad Rhiannon had a wonderful time.

Your second Take Time To Quilt looks as lovely as, if not even more so than, the first and all of your ornaments look so nice where you have them hanging. :)

Carol in Pa said...

What a wonderful party you gave Rhiannon! I love the fairy theme (I would have loved dressing up for it!!!) and the cake looks too pretty to cut.

You really do need to post your conversions. I love your color choices. They're much better than the originals!

Carol in Pa

Kath said...

Your swag of ornies looks great Lisa. I bet everything looks very festive.

Loved Rhiannon's cake too, you are a clever little fluffy aren't you and there is another string to your bow there! I miss doing these things for my girls now that they are big and have attitude! LOL

And everyone, I have seen Lisa's Autumn and Summer in person, they are simply gorgeous. This woman is extremely clever in more ways than she knows.