Friday, December 16, 2005

Busy, busy, busy ...

... it must be Christmas time! December is always a really busy month for us - actually, it hasn't been too bad this year, busy, but manageable.

I finished one of the Take Time to Quilt boxes yesterday - it turned out "fine" - not perfect, but looks pretty good - definitely went as planned, except the pre-made box lid of course didn't fit once I'd covered the bottom with fabric, so I had to make the lid. Then again, definitely a good learning curve, because I now know I could make the whole box quite easily - so more boxes just might be in my future! LOL Sorry, no pictures, I'll take some once I've finished the other one as well.

I DO have a picture of the ornament I made Katrina, we did our wee Doris exchange on Wednesday night - I received a beautiful ornament from Pat (once again, photo to come ...) and a lovely frame and some Christmas candles as my wee gift - I felt very spoilt (or spoiled - can never remember which is the right one - I'm either rotten, or well looked after LOL). Katrina had made some gorgeous felt Christmas tree ornaments as well - they're adorable Katrina! We've got such a lovely group of ladies - we always have a lot of fun when we're together - and I know I always appreciate the support we give each other.

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Rejoice - The Workbasket, from this year's JCS ornament magazine - I'm really pleased with how this turned out, I didn't have any 40ct fabric, so I stitched it over one, on 28ct (I think it was) - with a Needle Necessities over-dyed thread (I love NN - I always seem to be able to find the "perfect" colour when I need a substitute for an expensive silk!). The finishing was fun to do - not too hard at all :)

Thank you again for all the comments - Kath, you make me blush! I'm sure I'm not *that* clever ... but I am enjoying having more time and head space to be creative now the kids are all getting a bit bigger.

Talking of kids ... that little angelic (ha ha) Charlotte found the Christmas gifts yesterday ... I think she only saw the Polly Pocket she brought out to ask if she could play with, but I still sat her down and had a wee chat about how Mummies and Daddies sometimes help Santa by looking after some of the toys before Christmas ... I swear that child will send me grey long before any of the others do! I can laugh now, but I wasn't yesterday ;)

I'm off to try doing a hair wrap in Charlotte's hair - a few girls have come back from holidays in Australia and paid good money to have them done at markets over there - I've looked at them and I'm sure they're not that hard ... so she's going to be my guinea pig today :)

Happy stitching and happy weekend everyone!


BeckySC said...

I love the ornament! Very nice :)

Christine Doyle said...

What a beautiful ornament!!! Did you do the tassels yourself?

My DD wants a poly pocket, too. Our hiding place is Wal-Mart - haveing an out of control Christmas season has its benefits! lol

KarenV said...

That ornament is gorgeous! I wasn't planning to stitch that one, but I think I'm going to add it to my list after seeing yours - congratulations on a great finish :)