Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lots of rambling ...


Thank you everyone for all the comments lately! I really do appreciate them, and love knowing that there are people out there interested in my ramblings and stitching :)


I'm still working away on Take Time to Quilt - Autumn, I'm hoping to get it finished tonight. I bought fabric for one box yesterday - I forgot to take the other one with me, so couldn't match colours - duh! I have no idea when I'll get to a good fabric shop again, maybe Monday if I can get some work done tomorrow.

I'm thinking I'll "just" do a needlebook and fob for MIL - I think two boxes to fiddle with will be enough, and I know I can make a needlebook and fob pretty quickly.

I kinda forgot, but not really forgot, more put out of my head and was thinking I had lots more time ... that I signed up for a Mirabilia RR - the mail out date is January 3rd! whoops! I sat last night at work and figured out what I'm doing, I just need to make sure I've got a good piece of fabric, some of the Krienks that I'll put in with the charts and then do the borders, hopefully I'll have time to do my square, but if not - I'll definitely get borders done and it ready to send by then. I went through my fairies and outlined the faces/wings in 40x100 blocks, I'm quite excited about it now - I think it will look good!

Ornaments Received

Here are two ornaments I've received from exchanges -

A Santa from Leah for a PS exchange

Image Hosting by
(isn't he lovely! Thank you Leah :))

and Noel from Lara for a board exchange -

Image Hosting by
Love this one too - thank you Lara!


Rhiannon's 7th birthday is tomorrow, Cameron's 10th on the 20th. I've booked and organised both their parties, I need to go out and buy one last gift for Rhiannon today (some swimming togs) and they're pretty much done. I also need to make Rhiannon a cake today, ready for tomorrow, and haven't really set in my head what I'm doing! ... I've got the day though ;)


We're decorating today :) We don't go all hard out (I think that is quite an Amercian thing, not a NZ thing ... although that is changing), but will buy a tree today and put it up and decorate it - I've got a couple of ideas for hanging all my beautiful ornaments too - I've got quite a few special ones from various exchanges over the last few years, it's always nice to bring them out and remember where they've all come from - so they need a special place :)

I'd also like to make a quick (it would have to be quick!) table runner for the coffee table, then do a centre arrangement for it ... still thinking about that, maybe tomorrow ... between birthday girl celebrations.

I've got most of my shopping done, just a couple more things to add to the stockings and Josh's telescope and then I'm basically done - yay me!

Kids' Sport

Cricket has been cancelled this morning due to wet weather - poor Cameron is having quite a sulk about it (like we're supposed to talk to the rain Gods or something?). I'm sad for the kids - they love their Saturday morning sport, but happy to have an extra bonus morning to get things done! David came back from his cricket camp yesterday which involved me leaving the house at 10.30am, stopping at Thimbles and Threads - I don't get over to Upper Hutt a lot! - driving to Masterton, picking him up, driving to Wellington to make it in time for work - although I was a good half an hour late, would you believe I got held up by TWO accidents on the way back home! ... all in all I spent about 5hrs sitting in the car, what a waste of a day ;) Anyway, David had a great week - learnt lots, made lots of new friends, I'm proud of him, I'm not good in that sort of situation but he is and I love that he is :)

Kids Generally ...

The younger kids brought home their school folders yesterday, the school does this twice a year, it has samples of their work, spelling tests with age grade, and a comment from the teacher. We got some lovely comments and their work is looking really good - Josh (11yo) has a spelling age of 14yo, Cameron (10yo) has a spelling age of 12.5 - I think they're doing fine :)

David missed his prize-giving because he was away at camp, but apparently won a prize - I have no idea what for though, it doesn't seem to interest him, but I'm impatient to an extreme, and just have to know LOL

Weight Watchers

I was disappointed to the point of being really bad tempered yesterday to find I'd only lost 200g - I thought I'd had a pretty good week - so what did I do? ate crap all day. Urgh - like that is going to help. Back on track today, hopefully this week will be better.

I just found out that my work offers a $200 subsidy for gym membership! I need to check it out properly (whether it is for part-timers as well, whether it covers Paraparaumu gyms, and to the same value etc) ... but I'm thinking, definitely over winter when I struggle to keep going, that I might look at joining. My legs, although still way too big, are definitely improving from all the biking - but my middle needs some serious work that will take more than dieting!

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Love the ornies you received...enjoy them :) I look forward to seeing more of the JD :)