Sunday, December 04, 2005

All about stitching

Well, this IS a stitching blog ... so I figured I should do a stitching entry :)

First of all a couple of WIP's -

Celtic Summer as of last Thursday when I put it down again to work on Christmas gifts -

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I'd really like to get this finished so that I can think about inviting myself along with Carol and Katrina's SAL of Mermaids of the Deep! I don't think I will get it finished that quickly though ... too many things to stitch, and not enough time :)

and here is Take Time to Quilt by Jeanette Douglas - I've completely changed the colours, there is no way I could afford the silks (or had time to order them), so I tried converting them - then went looking in the LNS for the perfect Needle Necessity thread for the border (and they have a limited selection, in fact I don't think they've had any new ones in for a long time - I'm probably the only one buying them!), I had to fiddle with the colours so they went with the border colour, so it's now completely different to the original! LOL - anyway, here is a picture -

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I'm hoping to finish this one (which is Spring) and also stitch the Autumn version, in time for Christmas gifts for David's cousin Deb, and her mother Betty, who are both quilters. I was going to finish them into bags (like the fairy ones I made for the girls), but I'm thinking about making them into boxes, using the stitching as the top and then maybe stitching needlebooks and fobs to go in the box ... but then again I only have three weeks, so we will see how I go! I can picture it in my head, but I'm not sure whether the moving from head to reality would work so well.

In other stitching ramblings - I ordered Mirabilia's Christmas Elf from Stitching Bits and Bobs when they had their Thanksgiving sale, plus a couple of other things including some speciality threads - and of course, the threads are on back order ... grrrrrrrrr ... I really really want the Elf by Christmas, DH is going to wrap it and give it to me, and I'd planned that as my Christmas holiday stitching - but from past experience I'm not sure I'll get the order on time ... fingers crossed I suppose. I'm not the most patient person, had you noticed? LOL

I'm still thinking about 2006 goals and plans. I really want to set some very realistic ones and try to stick to them ... so I need to put a lot of thought into it ... and heck, isn't that half the fun of stitching - the planning? LOL I definitely want to finish a few UFO's and WIPs, I definitely want to stitch and finish lots of ornaments, I definitely want to start and finish a lot of the kitted things I've had sitting there for over a year. BUT can I do ALL of that??? probably not - so I need to plan what I can realistically do :)

... and as I said this was a stitching entry, I can't tell you how I'm stuffed up with a cold, or how it's only a week until Rhiannon is 7yo, or that it's only 2 weeks until school finishes, or that it's only 3 weeks until Christmas and I've hardly done any shopping or, or, or (oh, and I'm not stressed, honestly! LOL).


Faith Ann said...

I can definitely sympathize with you! I'm still waiting on my NN order. Plus, I ordered during the SB&B thanksgiving sale too and the mill hill treasures I needed are on backorder. My SB&B order is a birthday present so it better be here by Jan 6 (I'm not patient either!!)

Julie said...

I also ordered from the SB&B sale-charts,and guess what? They are on back order! I love the colours you have chosen for the Take Time to Quilt chart. It looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it finished. Hope your cold gets better soon-Iwfwf have just had one that cleared quickly.

Carol said...

Your WIPS look great - awesome progress on Celtic Summer!!! Yes, please do join us in the Mermaids SAL!! That would be awesome!! Have you emailed Bobbie at SB&B to let her know the kit is a gift? She will probably mail it on ahead for you and then send the other threads when they come in. She has done that for me before :-) Would hate for you not to get your Xmas gift on time!

Kath said...

I like Carol's advice. Good one Carol.

Love your progresses.... and I have some nn if you want to look through mine.

Kathy said...

WEll done on both your WIP's.

OOoooooo I would love to join in the Mermaids of the Deep SAL too, but I would have to start after Chrsitmas.

Hugs xxxxxxxx