Saturday, December 31, 2005

2nd Christmas Elf Progress Picture

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I'm loving stitching her - it's so nice to stitch a quick Mirabilia! ... um, but Carol ... you mentioned red and not putting it with purple in your blog ... so now I'm worried, I thought I had the colours pretty good - but she is definitely on a purplish fabric ... with all that red! LOL ... the fabric is called Evening Shadows - a hand-dyed from Countrystitch, I thought it looked perfect (and hey, I still do ... and that is what counts - so in all seriousness, I'm not worried ;))

I'm not sure I'll get time to stitch at all today - I promised the girls I'd teach them how to sew - I'm going to cut some squares and let them sew them together on my sewing machine into a quilt top for their babies - not sure how we'll go, I figured that was the easiest and simplist way to give them a go and actually make something "real".

We also want to start swapping the girls' and boys' room around - at the moment the boys' room is the smaller one and they are in bunks, but they're just growing out of them (they're 11 and 10yo) - so I've been working at clearing out our big wardrobe in the family room so I can fit a lot of the girls' toys in there - meaning they will fit in the smaller room - confused? ... I'm hoping it will give the boys a bit more space, they're really ready for their own rooms, but that isn't going to happen for a few years yet - so hopefully more room, will give them a bit more personal space.

Mia asked me how my 2006 goals/plans were going ... well, I sat here yesterday - created a new blog entry called "2006 goals" ... and saved it as a draft ... and that's as far as I've got! LOL

I think I'm going to work out a rotation of "types" of stitching - and then list what I want to stitch/I've started to stitch and put it under each category - and then work slowly through each category on the allotted day/days.

Do you ever wish you could just start again? I've been stitching for 20yrs and have SO many charts, so much fabric, so much stash ... and I love it, I really do, but I also have so many things to finish, so many things ready to start, so many things I really really want to get kitted and stitch ... sometimes it would be just nice to go - oh here's a clean slate, just start again ... does that make any sense? Can you tell I'm overwhelmed right now! LOL

I really really have to get back to my sister's wedding gift - unless I do some serious stitching on that over the next few weeks there is no way it will be finished on time ... I think I've been avoiding it. So for January my rotation will definitely be mostly that - with a few fun days thrown in :)

New Years Eve today ... friends of ours (the ones with five kids, two of which are best friends with two of ours) are having a very family orientated BBQ - lots of families, and hopefully lots of fun - not sure if we'll make it to midnight, we'll see how Miss Charlotte goes - I'm hoping she'll maybe just drop off when she's really tired and we'll be able to pop her on a spare bed somewhere ... considering that lately she's not asleep before 9.30pmish - she'll probably stay awake until midnight anyway!


Carol said...

Well, now, see... your reds and purples look great together! Maybe mine would have too!

Faith Ann said...

You'll be done that little elf any day now! She looks perfect on that fabric.

I understand exactly what you mean! I love my stash (ok, is "love" the correct word? LOL). Sometimes I'm jealous of people who have kept their stash under control a little better than I have... they just have a handful of projects lined up and they'll actually stitch everything they have. Alas, that boat has sailed and I'm not on it!

Happy New Year!!

Bea said...

The Christmas elf is turning out beautiful and the fabric you chose is perfect. I'm using the one in the kit but I prefer your fabric. Happy new year!

tkdchick said...

I think she looks wonderful on that fabric!