Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Take Time to Quilt

One down, one to go :)

Here is Take Time to Quilt (Spring) - with very different colours from the original!

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I love the texture of this - I used two threads, rather than one like the chart suggested, mostly because I was using 28ct fabric, rather than 32ct and the single thread just didn't look right.

and here is the start of Take Time to Quilt (Autumn) - again with very different colours from the original -

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I've pretty much decided I'm going to try and put these on box tops - I'm going to look in Spotlight on Friday and see if I can find the perfect sized boxes there, as well as the perfect fabric - then fingers crossed I can get them to look like I imagine they will in my head! If I've got time (and I should have) I'll make a small needle book and scissor fob to go in each one as well.

Then to decide whether to bother making one for my evil MIL or not ... part of me wants to, just so she has to open it in front of a couple of relatives and friends who I know they are spending Christmas with, and knowing that she would have bitched about how awful we are (I'm picking, especially me ;)) ... it would give me great satisfaction to have her open it and everyone see the work that goes into it and wonder why this awful DIL would do such a lovely thing, and yes, I'm evil, LOL! Plus, to be fair, she does do a lot of lovely needlework and it would be a nice gift for her (albeit I swore I'd never make her anything again after the remarks she makes about cross-stitch being too "boring" and "easy") - but the in-laws are a whole big story that isn't worth going into!

Here I am at 9.00am sitting on my butt, still to tidy up the house for the morning ... why? you ask? Cameron and Rhiannon are going to the NZ/Aussie cricket game this afternoon with friends, so I didn't bother sending them to school - which also meant no before school rush - yay! gosh roll on holidays when I get 6 weeks of the same :) We're going to my parents for dinner tonight, but it will only be Charlotte, Josh and I - so quiet :) ... David Jnr is away at his cricket training camp, DH has a dinner to go to ... so I'm hoping for a quiet, stitchy filled afternoon/evening (although if I don't get off my butt and go tidy the house and do some work, I'll still be doing that!).

I managed to do some Christmas shopping yesterday, and now don't have too much left to do at all :)

I need to sit down and plan some baking and food for Christmas day so I can start stocking up the pantry now (I hate the shops the couple of days before Christmas so will only leave the fresh stuff until then).

We're going to get our tree and put up decorations this weekend - the girls are really excited about it this year, so it should be fun. Girls are defintely lots different than boys - they tired of making ornaments and decorating pretty quickly - the girls definitely seem to find it a fun thing to do, which makes it more fun for us too.

and last but not least!

Happy Birthday Kath - I hope you have a wonderful day!

(here is the link to Kath's blog ... I know she'll be thrilled if she gets lots of birthday wishes :))


Carol said...

Oh, your JD Take Time to Quilt projects are both gorgeous!!!!!!! Love how you adapted your colors too! I think they are just perfect to go on little jewelry boxes.

AnneS said...

Your take time to quilt is great - love the change in colours! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ... now I've got a new blog to read - can't have too many Kiwis in my reading list ;)

Carol in Pa said...

Your conversions are absolutely lovely!!! They're right up my alley as far as being favorite colors.

Carol in Pa.

Rowyn said...

Your Take Time to Quilt pieces are gorgeous. They are such pretty colours. Let us know what you decide on re your MIL! :-)

cathymk said...

Oh, I love your Take time to quilt pieces - the colours are lovely.

Faith Ann said...

Your take time to quilt pieces are beautiful!!

Ha. I think you should definitely stitch something for your MIL! Although, I can't believe she made those rude comments about it being boring and easy!!!

Stitching is easy but you can always add variety with other types of stitches or choose more intricate patterns. There's such a wide variety of stitching patterns out there, how could it ever be boring?

Jenna said...

They're both beautiful! I love your color choices. :) And you're not evil. I love the idea. ;)

BeckySC said...

Thanks so much for your comments on Celtic Autumn :)

WOW, I love your JD projects...they are gorgeous! I have them and want to stitch them.