Sunday, January 01, 2006

2006 Plans and Dreams

... that title should read - Tentative 2006 Plans ... very tentative LOL

Also - for now - as much as I'd like this to be working every week, all though the year, I really need to carry on selling a bit on ebay, plus I have a couple of obligation things (like my sister's wedding gift) I'm going to need more time than one night a week to work on. So for now I'm going to try and do this rotation weeks 2 and 4 of each month (I typed 3 and 4 first, then realised I have soccer/cricket meetings Monday/Tuesday nights every 3rd week of the month! LOL). I'm hoping life is going to change a bit over the next couple of months which will mean no ebay stitching and being able to stitch for my pure pleasure ... we will see ...

Monday - Mirabilia/L&L slot
Tuesday - Mirabilia/L&L slot
Wednesday - DT/ED/Bent Creek etc
Thursday - Ornaments
Friday - Ornaments
Saturday - UFO/Obligation/RR/Exchanges
Sunday - Faery Tales

Mirabilia/L&L Started -
Celtic Summer will take Monday's slot, then - Ashley's Roses
Rose Arbour Tuesday's slot, then Mermaids of the Deep

... and each will then be replaced with what is next on the list.

Celtic Summer - 2005 start, 2006 finish
Mermaids of the Deep - 2006 start and finish
Rose Arbour - 2002(?) start, 2006 finish
Ashley's Roses - 2003(?) start - no finish date yet
Sleeping Beauty - 2005 start - no finish date yet
Petal Fairy - 2005 start - no finish date yet
The Kiss - 2005 start - no finish date yet

Kitted/Partially Kitted
If I finish Ashley's Roses, Sleeping Beauty, The Kiss or Petal Fairy - I'll "let" myself start one of these!
The Dreamer
Cottage Garden Fairy
Lily Dreaming Fairy
Madonna of the Garden
Under the Rose Tree
Queen Mermaid
Fairy Roses

Drawn Thread
Work on Sampler Gameboard and French Garden every second week, when one is finished replace with whatever I feel like.

Started -
Sampler Gameboard
French Garden

Kitted -
lots ...

Elizabeth Designs -
Started - none!
Kitted - lots ...

Bent Creek
Started - none!
Kitted - Lots of the rows.

Other UFO/WIPS to be worked on -
Carrie's baby sampler
Toy Shop
L*K Season Snippets
others ...

Other stitching I'd "like" to work on ... lots

When kids and DH are out of my hair I'll actually pull out all my charts etc and fill in the places where I've put "others" ... and "lots". So there you have it ... I'm hoping those are goals I can stick to, I haven't really specifically put any definitely finishes for most things - rather just a rotation of the variety I want to stitch, I'm hoping that won't make it so overwhelming. Something I DO want to stick to this year is making goals each month and sticking to them - I'm a goal orientated person and as long as they are realistic enough that they don't take over my life, I work better at working towards achieving things if I write them down and plan for them. Happy New Year - and all the best for 2006, in stitching and other forms of life :)

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tkdchick said...

Since I started setting montly goals about a year and a half ago, I find I'm actually getting things done.

I find it also helps to keep the goals simple and realistic.