Monday, January 23, 2006

I can hear you Kath! LOL

Hee hee ... I was under very firm instructions from Kath on Saturday morning to come home, take a picture of my newly picked up and framed Christmas Elf and put it on my blog so Katrina could see it too. Um, it's Monday morning now - sorry Kath and Katrina!

Here she is -

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Thank you SO much, again, Kath and Katrina - I love her to bits :D

and what have I been doing instead of posting here? Why, stitching of course! Another stitching board I am on is having a stitch-a-thon this week, so I figured what an opportunity, I need to mega-stitch Apache Wedding anyway, why not count while I'm doing it for a bit of fun ... and there is nothing like my quiet competitive streak to be spurred into action to really get me going ;)

... over 2000 stitches later (counting crosses as one, and each backstitch as one) ... here is another update on it -

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I'm hoping to finish the bottom part this week - and then have most of next week to finish up the words and right-hand side.

Now a question - along the bottom it says "Apache Wedding Blessing" ... do you think I should replace those words with "John and Georgina, 18 February 2006" ... or leave the Apache Wedding Blessing there and put the John and Georgina along the very bottom of the sampler?

On to today ... we are going to take the kids and bike down to the park ... they need to get out, and I've had fun stitching in the afternoons, but it's definitely time to do the good parenting thing! LOL

and lastly Happy Anniversay to DH and I (well, two days ago - but near enough!) ... 17 years - doesn't that make me sound old? LOL


Kath said...

hehe... I had been looking for it too young Miss!! She is lovely and we are so happy that you are happy.

And Happy Anniversary - 17 years is something to celebrate.

Appache Wedding is looking good too - heck that will be at the framers before you know it. Reckon it willb e finished by the end of the week eh... now is that enough to spur you on.... LOL

Faith Ann said...

Wow... happy anniversary!!!

Christmas Fairy Elf is gorgeous and that frame is perfect for her.

Apache Wedding is really coming along too. Now, if it were me, I'd stitch it with the names and wedding date because I'm sentimental and really like displaying that information. You know the recipients far better though... do you have a sense of what they would prefer?

Jenny said...

Your Apache piece is coming along nicely. I vote for putting the name and dates in place of the charted phrase. :)

Our anniversary is coming up next weekend too - I always thought we were the only crazies to get married in January, but I guess that is nice weather in New Zealand. :)

Katrina said...

Oh Lisa, elf fairy looks gorgeous! I too have been waiting for a pic of her! Good choice for the frame, and I hope you get alot of pleasure from having her up on the wall.

happy anniversary to you and David too. Enjoy your day out and about :)

Carol said...

Oh your Christmas Fairy Elf is adorable! Great job with the framing!! And your AWB is really progressing :-)

Jackie R said...

L*I*S*A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, I'm so glad you found me!!! I've really missed you and all your family! I don't have any new little ones! ;o) So how the heck are you?? I need to read your blog....and I will...but I just wanted to let you know that I miss ya..........and so glad you posted to me!

Susimac said...

Christmas Elf - Beautiful I love your choice of fabric and frame. Came across your blog toda and I have enjoyed reading it.

AnneS said...

Your Mirabilia fairy elf is just stunning all framed up - woohoo, way to go!! :)