Friday, January 13, 2006

Time for a stitching update

Firstly ... my wee confession - when it was my Birthday I just couldn't face the awful backstitching on the AWB ... so I started something new (oh ... did you hear that I wasn't going to start new things on a whim this year ... I was going to FINISH other pieces first? LOL). I started Elizabeth Design's October Sky Sampler ... and looking back on my blog last year, I was going to start this way back in January last year ... so I'm only a year late! I worked on this for a couple of days - and then had to put it down, as much as I didn't want to.

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Then, of course, we have AWB progress - I've finally finished the top part, those geese (I was calling them ducks - but I think they are geese) had the most awful back-stitching on them - really hard to read on the chart, especially on the grid lines where it was really hard to make out what was backstitching lines and what wasn't - but I've finally finished with them! I'll start the right side today/tonight - if I can get that whole side finished over the weekend, I'll treat myself with a day on October Sky Sampler :)

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My stitching will take a serious downturn next week - I have meetings Monday and Tuesday night and then back to work on Thursday and Friday nights ... I've really enjoyed stitching just about every evening, and I've got lots done.

This last picture isn't stitching - but my other "hobby" - DH got this framed for me for my birthday, something I've been meaning to do for ages but never get around to, he found one of our old frames and used that - if you look closely not a perfect job, but it looks pretty good ;) Anyway - this is my perfect target - 100.10 -

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I shot it back in 2004, after about 14yrs of shooting. Now, I should note - that these do not happen very often at all, EVERYTHING has to be going right, the rifle, the ammunition, the mind, the whole lot ... and I can assure you that my heart was thudding when I got to the last couple of shots and realised I might actually do it ... so to control that beating heart, stay relaxed and in the zone - is quite amazing :D It is hanging under my other framed shooting ego-boost - my photo and medals from Oceania 1995 (gosh, is it really so long ago! LOL) when I won the womens' individual match ... what's really nice about that photo is the two Australians either side of me who were not happy at all that this little unknown NZ'er wrecked their first, second and third plans ... hee hee.

That's enough with the bragging ... back to the realities of housework, soccer work, cricket work etc!


Jenna said...

Congrats on the perfect shoot! Very nice of DH to have it framed for your bragging pleasure. :)

AWB is looking really good and I like October Sky Sampler.

Nicki said...

You've got so much done on the sampler - it looks wonderful.

And well done on the shooting - that's amazing! :)

Carol said...

October Sky - oooh! So nice! It looks like a really fun stitch! It is nice that you are not letting yourself get too burdened by AWB... yep, you have to get it done but the little breaks make it more enjoyable, I am sure :-) Obligation stitching just isn't all that much fun. But, AWB does look quite fabulous! That fabric was such a great choice!

And... very nice to learn about your other hobby there! Congrats on that perfect score!

Kath said...

Loved the framed piece David did for you Lisa. What a man eh!!! (He goes back to work next week though doesn't he? hehe)

Loved seeing your stitching on Wednesday night and the geese are looking lovely.

Jenny said...

Both stitching pieces are looking great! :)

And how impressive - the perfect shoot. Wish I could do that. :)

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, October Sky looks very pretty, and you've made some good progress on AWB. Kath mentionned that you've picked a frame out for the elf fairy so I'll look forward to seeing it all done. Great to catch up with you the other week, seems like ages ago now! have a great weekend.

tkdchick said...

I love your new start! What great colours!

What a wonderful bragging piece for yoru wall. That's cool that you shoot!

Kathy said...

AWB looks great,a dn October sky is looking lovely I just love those colours. Looking forward to seeing more.

Hugs xxxxxx

AnneS said...

What a wonderful framing job on the 'perfect shoot' - looks wonderful ... a trophy to be very proud of! And your latest stitching start looks gorgeous - the more of her designs I see, the more I like them, and you seem to be motoring through this one already :)

Mia said...

Lisa, I love your progress pictures and your framed piece. WAY TO GO with the shooting. I give you lots of credit for that wonderful accomplishment.