Thursday, January 05, 2006

Stitching, Friends and Quilts ...

I went and stitched at Kath's house yesterday with Kath (obviously! LOL) and Katrina - what a lovely afternoon and evening - thank you so much for hospitality Kath! ... I stitched on my Celtic Summer (while Kath and Katrina stitched their SAL ... but I'll let them tell you about that ... hee hee) - here is her progress -

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I stitched on green and gold swirls at the front/bottom of her dress - I've got to put her away now and REALLY work on the Wedding gift.

and for the friends part ... Kath and Katrina nearly made me cry *sniff sniff* they very sneakily (while I went and looked at Kath and Kevin's new house - oh my gosh it is looking GREAT!) ... quickly made this up for me -

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They are just way too generous - but hopefully they know how much this means to me - I have sooooo many unframed pieces, it is such a luxury for me to finish one and be able to go and pick out framing straight away. Thank you so much, again, ladies :)

and as promised, pictures of the girls with their quilts -

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... I should put in the small writing that I did not choose the pink to go the back and binding of Charlotte's one ... I preferred the red that I tried to direct her to, much better! LOL

Righty oh - I'm off to do grocery shopping etc and need to get moving!


Julie said...

You are a fantastic mother to help your girls make those lovely quilts. They look so proud!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Summer is looking lovely, your friends seem wonderful and your girls with their quilts are precious. Lucky Lady.

Carol said...

Aw, Kath and Katrina are the coolest, aren't they? Seriously, I love knowing them too!!! Your Celtic Summer is cruising along beautifully! YOu will be done in no time now!

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!

tkdchick said...

Your Celtic lady is looking great! What a wonderful present from your friends!!! Free framing is the best framing of all!

And your kids quilts look great. Yes as adults we know what looks best but I'm sure your daughter is just over the moon with what she chose and what she accomplished!

Kath said...

It was a pleasure to have you stitch along with us Lisa and thank you too for being a gret stitching buddy and friend.

And yes, we DO know what it means to you to have Christmas Elf framed, you just enjoy it and it was our pleasure.

And I love the girls quilts, too cute and what a good mummy you are. I loved them sitting at the sewing machine - that takes a patient mum to do that with your little ones. I know it will pay off, that is what my mum did with me and the best thing she could have ever done. Go Lisa!

Faith Ann said...

The quilts look great! So does Celtic Summer, you're really moving along.

What a wonderful gift from your friends!! I can't wait to see the frame you select for your little elf.

AnneS said...

What a wonderful gift from Kath and Katrina - look forward to seeing which frame you chose for your Elf :) CS is looking beautiful too :)