Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Charlotte, a game piece, her nose ... and pliers ...

After I came home from my soccer meeting last night DH showed me this -

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Yep ... Charlotte stuck the red game piece up her nose, and it got stuck. Poor DH had to deal with it - and like any good man he got out his tool kit LOL ... thankfully the game piece had a hole on the underside that he could grip with the pliers and then pull it out.

He asked her why she had put it up her nose ... her reply? "I thought it might stop my nose from running" ... oh cripes, I was crying I laughed so hard (easy for me, I wasn't there! LOL). That girl sure keeps us amused!

and last, but not least - my daily update on AWB - not a whole lot done, but I only got to stitch in the afternoon yesterday so I'm happy that I got any done!

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I've promised Rhiannon I'll take them to the beach this afternoon, and I have another meeting tonight - so not sure whether I'll get to do much today either.


Kath said...

Hey, you have been busy. Loved all the pics of the last few days and of course Charlotte is keeping us amused as always. Nice that David had the tool kit handy eh!! And your wedding piece is looking good... you can do it!!

And pics of Maisey.... she's a cutie.

And the bikes.... crumbs, that's a lot of bikes there!

Kath said...

and I meant to say... great that you got the beads too. I bet you are itching to get them on to the fabric too.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...


AnneS said...

Oh boy, that gave me a huge belly laugh! I can just picture the tool kit at work teehee ... glad the game piece managed to get retrieved!! LOL. Your sampler is growing well :)

Christine Doyle said...

ROFL!! Oh, poor Charlotte! Glad to hear it was removed without much incident!

You have words on your wedding piece! Yay!! I will do a HD for you!

Carol said...

Oh poor, silly Charlotte!!! I am soooo glad you weren't there when it happened! Your DH handled it like a trooper though!

Hey, I see words on your AWB!! That is getting exciting now!!!

Rowyn said...

Yikes! Did it stop her nose running, or did she not say!? :-)

This will be a good story to embarass her with when she's older!! :-) Like how my parents like to embarass me with the story of how I got a ping pong ball wedged in the back of my mouth as a small child.