Friday, January 06, 2006

Apache Wedding Blessing Progress

Okay ... I have to get stuck into this ... my sister's wedding is February 18th ... I probably need at least two weeks to get it framed before that. I'm not too worried if it is late, but it would be good to have it finished before then!

Soooooo ... bear (or bare?) with me, while you get daily progress pictures! (more to keep me going than anything else).

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I stitched the top corner last night - didn't quite get the back stitch finished on it though.

Today I'm hoping to get a really good chunk of the top middle done, it is a medillion type thing with two ducks on it. There is a one day cricket match today - so I'm hoping to get lots of stitching done, while I watch that on the telly!


Nicki said...

It's looking lovely so far! Good luck with the deadline :)

Kath said...

Jut doing some encouragment here Lisa, you can do it. I know you will. You kbnow that I will sttich every afternoon next week if you want to come around.... Ihave French Hearts to finish, my Bourse, and the SAL that I started with Katrina. It's quiet with her gone too. She's a jolly good motivator that lady.

Gill said...

I really like that one so I don't mind lots of progress pics! ;0)

Mia said...

You CAN do it, Lisa!!! Keep plugging away. One stitch means you are one stitch closer to a finish.

Keep posting the daily progress report and we will keep cheering you on!!!

Jenna said...

OK, here's a cheerleader moment for you:

Go Lisa Go! You can do it! :)

Oh wait, I was never a cheerleader. Nevermind. ;) The sentiment remains, though!

Carol said...

Uh oh! You are right - no time left for fun and games, just a whole lot of Apache Wedding Blessing!!!

BeckySC said...

It is looking great, Lisa :)

It did my heart good today to see your gift from Kath and Katrina! HOW sweet!!!!!