Saturday, January 07, 2006

More progress ... and a forgotten ornament

Firstly - here is the next Apache Wedding Blessing (AWB) progress - didn't do nearly as much as I wanted, Charlotte and I ended up going to the Post Office together, and then she was in a nice mood so we went and had an ice cream together ... then did a little shopping (I bought her a new - very cheap from the sales - top) ... there was one very big green eyed monster aka Rhiannon ... when we got home. The only reason I took Charlotte is because Rhiannon had gone to the neighbour's house and Charlotte was feeling left out ... oh the joys of parenting! LOL ... anyway - back to the subject in hand -

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I'm not hopeful about getting much done today - we've got a BBQ here this evening so I need to get the house tidied up ... and some food ready, I might get an hour this afternoon if I'm lucky, but that will be it.

I stitched this ornament at work the week before Christmas - it was from one of the Ornament RR's ... and stitched up much quicker than I thought it would, I love the beading on it - although I forgot to make sure they were lying right before I took the photo!

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We've got two little girls in this house who are being awful at going to sleep at night ... I thought it was the excitement of changing bedrooms and being in the same bunk beds (Charlotte on the bottom, Rhiannon at the top) ... but I think the holidays have just totally stuffed up their body clocks ... they're awake mucking around at 10pm ... and then of course not awake until after 9.00am ... ready for another night of the same - I love my quiet evenings, and even though they are sort of in bed (definitely in their bedroom), the never-ending telling them to be quiet and to behave means I miss my quiet evenings! ... I'll be looking forward to work by the 19th of January ;)

No other exciting news here ... just more of holidaying and stitching :)


tkdchick said...

Lisa I hope you can find more stitching time! That's a lovely ornament I've been doing the ornament RR's non-stop for over a year now and I love them!!!

zoeandcooper said...

Wedding blessing is looking great. Keep up the good work

Kath said...

Wedding Blessing is making progress for sure Lisa. Love the ornie too...

Heather said...

I love that christmas tree you stitched. Who is the designer? Where can I get the chart?