Monday, January 16, 2006

Do you like the new do?

I had a bit of play yesterday - I'm quite proud of it (me of no html training or experience, it's amazing what some copying and pasting can do! LOL).

Can you hear the quiet around here? DH has gone back to work (should I be as happy as I am about that?), and what's more the two girls stayed the night at our good friends last night ... woohooo I can sit here with no "I'm hungry", "Mummmmmmy" ... I need to make the most of the next few hours before they come home :)

A few photos today -

Firstly, AWB update ... I made the fatal mistake of looking at how much was left to stitch when I took it out of the Q-Snaps to do the backstitch last night ... *gulp* do I really think I can finish it on time?

Image Hosting by

It's taken me three days to do that top right piece ... I need to speed up! ... and this week won't be a good stitching week :(

Yesterday I dropped the girls off to Tawa, and on the way back took advantage of the "me" time and stopped at Spotlight to buy these -

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Our wonderful little NZ stitching group gave me the money for my birthday to buy them - they are for Celtic Summer, I've changed the Mill Hills to Delica so they fit on the hand-dyed 32ct better - it was lovely to be able to stand in the shop and really study them to try and get the conversions right - thank you Kath, Katrina, Pat and Wendy!!! (there is one missing, they didn't have the Mill Hill number, so I couldn't use it to figure out what Delica to buy). The little brass coin thingees I happened to spot in the jewellry part and I'm hoping that they will work for the little ornament in the JCS Ornie mag - can't remember the name of it, but it's a small one with a coin in the middle, it was only $2.50 for the bag full so no worries if they don't work - if they do I'll let you know, I'm happy to share!

... and a couple of other silly photos -

This is Maisie our cat -

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I think she thought she was helping Josh by lying in the puzzle pieces? ... that, or the sun was streaming through the window and it made a nice sunny possie for her LOL

... and this is our front yard on Saturday morning -

Image Hosting by

I really did expect someone to come to the front door and ask if we were hiring bikes out! LOL .. in fact they were all pulled from the garage because one of the delightful boys (the biggest one) managed to put a cricket ball through the window, and glass had gone everywhere and needed to be cleaned out, and the window fixed. I should note that they're not all OUR bikes - I think we've got three of David's friends ones at the moment, one is on holiday and we're storing it for him, the other two his friends who practically live here, I couldn't fit them into the van when I dropped them back at home on Friday night.

Today I need to get ready for our soccer meeting tonight, firm up the meeting room etc for cricket's meeting next week, do some housework, try and fit a bike ride in ... and hopefully get some stitching done!


Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, I'm really pleased you got the beads you wanted, you'll enjoy using them. LOL about the bikes, if you have a spare you can always send up one my way! enjoy your day.
PS: your blog looks cool too.

Faith Ann said...

Hope you enjoyed your 'me' time!

Love the pic of the bikes :)

Faith Ann said...

I also love the new blog look!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Your making fast progress on the AWB Lisa, you can make it happen. The bike picture cracked me up thanks.

Gill said...

AWB is looking lovely - I really like the fabbie you chose. Enjoy your 'me' time while it lasts!

Jenna said...

I like the new look, Lisa, you did a great job! Great picture with the bikes, too. ;)

Kath said...

Yhat Charlotte eh?? What a carachter she is and never ceases to amuse. Glad David had his handy toold there! hehe

Love the AWB progress - it's coming along great. I'm sure you will get it finished before the wedding.

AnneS said...

I forgot to comment earlier - love the new blog look ... very very clever of you! :) The background colours remind me of paua shell :)