Sunday, November 20, 2005


I stuffed my sewing machine up *sob sob sob*

I tried to put shirring (is that the right word?) elastic in the bobbin, trying to be smart, it didn't work - and now the bottom stitches, from the bobbin are all loose, and I can't get them right - I've fiddled with the tension, re threaded the machine, re wound the bobbin ... everything I can think of. I *think* I've maybe stretched the clippie thingee on the bobbin with the too thick elastic? and maybe, hopefully, I just need a new bobbin.

I'm so bummed.

I'm loving my sewing and really hope it is a quick (and cheap!) fix.

So, anyone else got any bright ideas of what might be wrong with it? Something that I can add to my blonde moments? (oh, and I tried changing the needle too).

*sigh* ... I suppose I'll go cross-stitch.


Jenna said...

Sorry, I can't help. I'm a sewing novice who rarely does anything other than straight stitch! I know how to thread my machine and that's about the extent of my machine knowledge. I hope it's an easy and cheap fix!

Julie said...

sorry, I don't know what is wrong with your machine but I do know about shirring. The bobbin elastic should be hand-wound very loosely in order to achieve the right stretch.
Hope the machine problem is easily remedied-I would not like to be without my machine and sympathise.

Kath said...

Have no idea about the machine Lisa... have never tried that shirring elastic in the bobbin. My machine is down at Raumati at the moment... will collect it later today - or Thursday when I get my nails done. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Gill said...

Sorry, I can't help - I only use mine to edge my stitching fabbie, but I hope it's something easily fixed. Do you have a local sewing machine shop you could ask?