Friday, November 25, 2005


Just some quick notes - no time for rambling today :)

I'm off to Taupo in two hours ... and I haven't started packing yet, need to get to that next (waiting for some clothes to dry in the drier first).

I re-joined WW this morning ... I need to lose the weight I've put back on since I last went in August ... I've been doing the exercising, but can't keep to the eating. I'm hoping this is the kick start I need.

I'm nearly finished with the stitching part of an ornament for our Doris exchange. Can't peep though - it might be for one of the NZ ladies that reads my blog ;)

I just bought a knitting pattern and wool - partly to take with me this weekend, I have a feeling I might be sitting around a lot (besides the time sitting on my bike LOL) ... and I can't "just" sit ... and my stitching is often too fiddly to do in those situations. Plus all this sitting at the kids' cricket matches does my head in as well - I need something to do with my hands!

Kids are good :)

Now I need to go pack!


Kath said...

All the best for the weekend Lisa, I had forgotten that it was this weekend.

Good girl for going back to WW.... did you know that Helen is leaving the Wed group so they are looking for a new leader. You go girl, you can do it. I am sure you have not put any on and all that exercise that you do is quite astounding to me. Maybe it is all muscle?

See you when you get back

Carol said...

Congrats on rejoining WW :-) Always good to keep focused and motivated :-)