Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Two more ornaments

Firstly - I think my sewing machine is okay, I was directed to an on-line page explaining all about the tension of the bobbin, and turns out there is a little screw on the bobbin that adjusts the tension, it was definitely pretty loose, loose enough for me to tighten with a fingernail, so I'm hoping that was all I needed to do - I haven't had time to actually set up my sewing machine and try it yet (have I mentioned lately how I'd love a craft room where it could be set up ALL the time! yeah, that's right ... I mention it all the time LOL).

On to the two ornaments - they are both for the ornament RR's I'm involved in -

I can't remember the names, but they're both from past JCS issues :)

Image Hosting by This one took a couple of nights to stitch - LOTS of green! - but he's very cute :)

Image Hosting by I've stitched this one before, a couple of years ago, with the required DMC colours - I think I like the hand-dyed look better.

I'm not sure when or how I'll make these up yet.

In other exciting news ... I cleaned out our pantry today! (oh yay, you say LOL) ... gosh it looks empty now though - I didn't realise how much junk was in it, or how little actual food was in it - I seriously need to stock up, maybe over Christmas when we'll have less petrol costs, and less daycare costs.

My biggest boy has just finished his first every exams - they aren't particularly important this year (first year of high school) but good practice, he also wanted to do well enough to make sure he gets in English and Maths extension classes next year (he is in a Y9 "general" extension class this year). He did really well :) - English 82%, Maths 80%, Social Studies 63% (his weakest subject - and naughtest at not studying for!) and Science 69% (his other weaker one). He's very pleased with himself, basically that was what he was aiming for, so he's happy. We're very proud of him too :)

Time to go find an ornament to stitch for our wee Doris exchange, and some charts I can put on bags for Christmas gifts.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my US friends :)


Faith Ann said...

Oh, I'm so glad you were able to fix your sewing machine...hopefully that did the trick! I use my sewing machine about once a year so I have no idea what to do when something goes wrong.

Your ornaments look great! I love the little stocking.

Kiwi Jo said...

I love your little ornaments :)

Kath said...

Ornies are cute Lisa. I have been meaning to stitch the little stocking one for ages, it has come out well.

David did well, good on him. I am still sweating it out for Anna and am not expecting the best for her at all. Anything will be good at this point.

Lelia said...

Lovely ornaments!

tkdchick said...

Beautiful Ornies!