Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Riverstone it is!

Hmmmm do I, you? recall me saying something about not starting Celtic Summer until I'd finished a certain Setting Sail kit? ... but what can you do? A lovely, relaxing, fun weekend with stitchie friends, all that enabling ... of course I had to start it!

Here is a picture of it so far -

Thank you for all your votes! When I first put the pictures up I was really set on the Silkweavers Serendipty - but after another look and advice from wonderful ladies, I decided on the Riverstone - and I'm so pleased I did - it is looking wonderful :)

I swear solemnly that I am not going to pick it up again until next Tuesday (Tuesdays will be my SAL day for this), by then I should have Setting Sail all finished!

Stitching Retreat

We had so much fun! Katrina has written a good update on her blog, with some pictures - I of course, forgot my camera! LOL ... it was very nice to get together with like friends ... and as for enabling, Katrina did her fair share too! LOL Kath did a wonderful job of organising everything - she's such a clever thing, her little ort bags are a BIG hit!

I didn't stay over at the house - I came later after work on Friday night, and came after lunch on Saturday - after the morning soccer games, went and slept at home on Saturday night and was up bright and early to do the french braiding for Rhiannon's gym competition - DH took her, but there was no way he was going to attempt the french braids - wonder why? LOL

Pat, Kath and I all remembered our veils (maybe Wendy just had more sense?) and we put them on to surprise Katrina ... gosh I haven't laughed so hard in ages - you would have thought we'd had several glasses of wine!

I found this picture on the camera when I downloaded Celtic Summer ... DH must have taken it Saturday afternoon before the Nursery Grade soccer - here is wee Charlotte all kitted out in her Arsenal gear :)

Happy stitching everyone!


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Carol said...

Oh, what a gorgeous start on Celtic Summer! Yummy on that fabric! I am so happy you picked the Riverstone :-) What amazing progress - it must have been so relaxing to work on it with your pals on your getaway :-) I will finally be starting Celtic Winter on Thursday - yay!!!!!!

Jenna said...

Looking good! Celtic Summer is going to be a beauty, especially on that fabric. Great job; keep it up!

P.S. Turning on word verification for your comments will get rid of that nasty comment spam. ;)

Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, wow, you've made great progress on CS. I've ordered some Riverstone too so hopefully I can get Celtic Winter underway on the weekend.

great pic of Charlotte too!

zoeandcooper said...

Wonderful start on CS!! The fabric looks perfect with those colors. Look forward to seeing your continued progress

Faith Ann said...

What a cutie she is...all suited up!!

Celtic Summer is going to be fabulous on that fabric. I love the colours in that piece...but I can't see myself stitching any of the other Celtic ladies because it took me over 5 years to finish Celtic Christmas LOL.