Sunday, September 25, 2005

Trophies, Fudge, Budget Birthday, Biking, ... Insanity!

Still no pictures, later, I promise! I've finished Spooky Row ... just got to get my act together and take a photo ... I'm now stitching Little House of Needlework's America ... also to sell, it's funny, I love this design (love most of her designs ... including the new one!) ... but I'm not American - so I'll enjoy stitching it anyway! LOL

Now on to the title ...


I won a trophy yesterday! Well, okay David AND I won a trophy. We had our Junior Soccer Prizegiving yesterday, three sessions ... and with all our tribe, we have children at every session - makes for a long day. Sadly, none of our kids picked up prizes - they have four, Sportsperson, Player's Player, Most Improved and Player of the Year. As always, it DOES make me sad that our kids, like David and I, are "ghosts" ... they do a LOT of work, but are never the stars - kwim? But that is also life ;) . Okay - to the point, each year they give out a trophy to the most valued contributor to the club for the season ... the President is standing up there saying how they're giving it to a Mr and Mrs this year for all the work they do, the Mr has won it before, but not the Mrs ... and I'm sitting there thinking gosh I wonder who that is and they call out our names, I can admit to being VERY genuinely surprised. A lot of the stuff I do is the admin work that I get paid for, so I always feel that the true volunteers should get the accolades ... but then again, when I think about it properly, DH and I do do a lot of work besides that :)


I made 30 containers of fudge yesterday for the BBQ our 10th Grade team is having to raise funds for their tournament away in a couple of weeks ... I'm all fudged out - but it worked! Now hopefully it wil sell too :)

Budget Birthday

Because funds are rather low right now, I had to use a wee bit of imagination for DH's birthday on Friday ... so I made him a cake and made up a collage of photos for him. DH is a HUGE Birmhingham Football Club supporter, so I went on the internet, found the logo for the club ... and ta-da!

By no mean's perfect, I'm definitely not an expert cake decorator (and Charlotte helped ;)) ... but DH was impressed, as were the kids. I was at work Friday night when he got home, but the kids got him to call 5mins before he arrived, got the cake out, put candles on, turned off the lights and surprised him with a big Happy Birthday and popping streamers as he walked in the door - got to love those kiddoes of mine, sometimes! LOL

We also did him a family portrait, he is always making little digs about how he'd like a good family picture on his desk, especially including me (because I hide from the camera) ... so this is what I did for him -

He loves it - reckons it's probably the most "natural" looking photos of his family he's got LOL!

and Biking

As you can see by my ticker, it hasn't moved for a couple of months ... in fact I should change it and put the pounds I've put back on :(

I was talking to a friend yesterday who mentioned that at Bookclub on Friday night another friend had mentioned they are trying to find a fourth person to do the Lake Taupo biking relay, and they mentioned my name. I came home thinking about it, thought I should just ring and DO IT ... and as I was thinking it, Fiona rang me to ask about it - so hey, must be fated, right? It is a 40km ride, and two months away, so I need to get back on my bike and start training ... not sure what I've got myself into though! LOL I have biked 40km - a few months ago I was riding 22km a couple of days a week and did that circuit twice a couple of times ... but here it is FLAT ... biggggg difference ... I'll have to find somewhere with hills and do some training. I'm really hoping with a good goal I'll get back into eating properly too and lose the weight I've put back on, plus some, before the summer.

I think that is all ... get an idea that I've been busy this week? It's school holidays for two weeks now ... I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to them! I'm planning on working pretty hard at getting some cricket (like setting up the account system) and soccer stuff out of the way and then spending the second week not doing any work at all (except the absolutely essentials that always pop up). Stitchingwise - I plan on finishing America, then working on Celtic Summer on Tuesday, then some RR's.

Time for a shower ... then typing in 150 cricket registrations :) (lucky DH is running the BBQ!)


Katrina said...

Lisa, the cake is awesome,and your family pic is just priceless, what a cool idea :) good on you for deciding to do the bike ride too!

Christine Doyle said...

I love the family portrait! And, for the record, you do a MUCH better job decorating cakes than I do - it looks great! Good luck with the biking!

Faith Ann said...

Congrats on your trophy...I think you *more* than deserve it with all the effort you put into it. My goodness, just reading about your weeks make me tired at times!

The cake and photos are sooo great...what a thoughtful present!

Kath said...
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Kath said...

Lisa, you clever bunny! The cake looks awesome, great job and I love it.

Loved the family portrait - David will love it sitting on his desk.

Hope you are feeling better too.

Nice to see you and David get recognition for all the work you do for the soccer club too, the kids time will come, it has too.

AND - the bike ride - YOU GO GIRL! You will do fabulously, and I am here to encourage you. Very proud of you.