Wednesday, August 24, 2005

All about stitching

I've finally taken pictures!

Here is Perennial Border (The Drawn Thread) - stitched on 32ct Belfast Linen - Putty, with recommended threads.

and a close up of one of the corners - the worst corner to stitch! There were way too many tiny lazy daisy stitches on the Achillea ... how can they be called lazy I wonder?

and some RR's etc

Here is my ornament for the JCS Retro RR (part of the Ornament RR's) - You'll Find My Heart by X-Appeal, from JCS 2000 Ornament Magazine.

and two RR squares for RR57 - only one more square to go, and I'm a month ahead :)

Shells (this was a lovely quick one!)

and A Virtuous Woman - a Proverb - can't remember what number. Someone - or a couple of people - have really stuffed this one up (IMO ... but I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my stitching) - one (or two) people have used two threads for the borders, and one or two used one thread ... of course I was the lucky person who joined the top and bottom, and had to decide what to use - I used one, because I'm sure that is what the pattern calls for. Then the squares I was bordering didn't match up with those below - I finally found the mistake a couple of squares out, I was going to fix them - but decided I'd fudge my squares a bit, and the two people after me should be able to fit their's no problem. I do find it annoying though that there are some that just don't put in the little bit of extra thought to make sure everything is right. Heck, I know we make mistakes - if you're really clever you'll be able to pick out that I'm one stitch out on one of The Perennial Border sides, but I'm always a lot more aware of it being just right if it is somebody else's work.

Anyway - the picture!

I'm very happy with the catch up this week on my obligations pieces, I'm really motoring through them, I started the friendship piece last night, and should finish that by tomorrow - but it's a secret and too many from our little NZ group read my blog! LOL There are some advantages of being housebound with Miss Chicken Pox girl - more time to stitch :)

I'm going to join in with the Celtic Ladies SAL that Carol is organising ... I can't wait! I think I will make it my Tuesday stitching piece - it's always one of my best days/evenings to stitch, I've been stitching Rose Arbour that night, so I'll be working hard to get that and the Setting Sail kit finished in the next few weeks, so I can have a lovely guilt-free start. Oh, and more importantly, I'm stitching Celtic Summer - I've had this chart and the Needlepaint threads for quite a while, I need to look through my beads to see what ones I need, and check to see the status of the gold thread (I know I did have it, but I think I've used it for other things) - and more importantly choose a perfect fabric for it ... fun, fun, fun - I love getting new stitching projects together ... could be why I have so many WIP's LOL.


Katrina said...

great stitching Lisa, and I love your choice for the Retro Ornie RR. Thats cool you're planning to join the Celtic SAL, I'm seriously thinking about making a start on Celtic Winter at our get together. I still have some of the beads to track down tho'.

cathymk said...

I love your Perennial Boarder - such a lovely piece!

Mia said...

Lisa, I love your stitching. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog about my finger. I am keeping my other fingers crossed but so far today it is not bothering me other than the lovely colors it has become.

I did Perennial Border a couple years ago. Yours is just lovely. I loved the piece but I hear you about those lazy daisy stitches. They were anything but lazy. LOL

I also enjoyed looking at your other projects. They are all beautiful.

natalie335trae said...

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Carol said...

Great pictures!!!! I love how your Perennial Border is coming along! I am thrilled you joined our Celtic Ladies SAL :-) I posted the list tonight in my blog so everyone knows who is in the group - I fear I left someone off the list by accident, and am waiting to see if anyone shouts out that it is them :-(