Friday, August 19, 2005

A productive evening!

Wow! I just downloaded the Blogger for Word thingee … should be interesting, being a word processing operator, I’m pretty good on Word – hopefully it allows you to change fonts and things – I’ll try soon :)

On to my productive night … I love a productive night at work! Not only did I edit two big documents and keep one of the Senior Associates happy, I finished the Daisy part of Perennial Border – I’ve only got the Pansies and Hollyhocks to go now! I typed up soccer minutes, sorted out the folder of cricket stuff I was given, and printed out prize-giving tickets for Soccer – I love the feeling of being organized, well as organized as I ever get ;)

Talking of Perennial Border (by The Drawn Thread) – I started it last Saturday night, and I should finish it by the end of today, all going well. It is such a fun stitch – I love the way Cynthia Zittel makes the flowers look so delicate and so real. Sadly I’m planning on selling this on ebay, but I have all the specialty threads, it doesn’t have any special charms, and knowing it is only a weeks stitching – I am sure I will stitch it again for myself one day.

I need to make a list of obligation stitching … I’m feeling overwhelmed right now. I had really good intentions of joining in with one of the Bloggers Exchanges, and still will, even if it just the ornament exchange – but I’ve been too busy to have a good look at what I want to sign up for!

Anyway – this is what I need to stitch over the next couple of weeks –

1. RR57 – Proverbs – all kitted and ready to go as soon as I’ve finished Perennial Border.

2. RR57 – Shells – need to find a pattern – should be very quick and easy, I’ll send both off at the same time, which will give me a good month off from this RR.

3. Retro JCS Ornament RR – Need to get threads organized and stitch it up – it is a small one, so shouldn’t take long.

4. Friendship Exchange – for our little NZ Group retreat, still need to pick out a chart, although I have a few ideas – needs to be finished before 4 Sept.

5. Ornament RR Group 10 – received the latest one, need to stitch it up.

6. Two ornaments for a personal exchange with a stitching friend.

I think that is all, unless I’ve forgotten something important! Next week is definitely going to be an obligation week.

I’ve got North Island vs South Island shoot this weekend, I’ll be shooting Saturday and Sunday, but it is local so will be home Saturday night. Sunday night is photos and dinner – I’m thinking about opting out of the dinner, we can’t afford it and really I’m not bothered whether I go or not, I’d actually prefer a night at home (boring old me!).

I think Rhiannon might have the beginnings of Chicken Pox – her friend’s family has had/got it over the last couple of weeks and I’ve made sure she has been well and truly exposed, she has missed out on them a few times, various friends, school, kindy have had them and she seems to avoid them every time. Although I don’t want her to be sick, or spotty, or miserable, it will be good to have them over and done with. This morning she had a few tiny tiny red spots on her back, if I wasn’t looking for them I wouldn’t have even noticed them – so I’ve sent her to school, but wouldn’t be surprised if they change by tomorrow. BTW – here in New Zealand the Chicken Pox vaccine isn’t in the “normal” range of immunizations, you can pay for it, but it’s not considered a necessary one, so it is a common childhood illness.

What is with the spam in the Blogger comments - anyone have good ideas so it doesn't happen? I got a couple after my last post, definitely a nuisance.

I’m off to work this afternoon, if it’s quiet I’ll hopefully finish my stitching, yay!

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cathymk said...

Comment spam - I think one of the suggestions I read was to disallow annonymous comments - but I think I got a spam comment recently that had a blogger id so that is of little help anyway. I meant to comment on your Rose Arbour -she is looking beautiful!!!