Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A quick hello

I thought I had more pictures to take ... hmmmmm ...

Anyway - here is a link to my first Ornament RR this is chosen by Annette - and I love it! I think the fun thing about this particular RR is leaving my comfort zone and stitching things I maybe wouldn't usually try. This isn't one that I'd pick out of an ornament mag to stitch, but I loved stitching it, and love the finished result - now to just make it into an ornament!

No other piccies - I'm in the process of finishing a needlebook, but am too embarrassed to put up a picture yet - it has too many crooked corners that I'm going to fix with a bit of hand-sewing. I must remember to ONLY make things like that when I know I've got the time, I always end up rushing and then not doing as nicer job as I should ... I'd love to be able to finish things like other pictures I see, but the only way is practice, practice, practice I suppose (and tying up children for a few days or refusing to cook or clean for them! LOL).

I started "Hope" - one of The Silver Lining's single roses, I'm stitching it on 25ct Antique White Lugana, over one, and love it :) ... it's not hard to see at all and it really does give a delicate look. I was very very tempted to skip Rose Arbour yesterday and carry on with it, but I was good and stitched Rose Arbour last night, and will carry on with the Setting Sail kit tonight. I'm not going to bother with an update of Rose Arbour - I stitched some of the urn, but that is it - nothing too exciting.

I'm on a de-cluttering, cleaning, getting organised kick right now ... trying to do a room a week, a little bit each day. I've started with the boys' room and it's taken two weeks - but it is looking heaps better! the drawers and wardrobe are all cleaned out, today I'm going to tidy and clear up the tops of their drawers, side tables etc. Tomorrow (or maybe the next day, tomorrow is a hellish busy day) I will clean from top to bottom, walls, windows, the lot. Next week I'll start on the girls' room.

Hope you're all having a good stitchy week!

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