Monday, August 22, 2005

Shots, Spots and more!


Yep, Rhiannon sure has chicken pox and a bad dose of it too - her back and tummy are covered, her face isn't too bad which is a relief (don't want nasty scars on my sweet little girl's face!). She's been pretty miserable the last couple of days, but it looks like there are no new ones today and she'll move on to the itchy, scabby, healing stage now.


We had our big Nth/Sth Match this weekend. Nth Island Ladies lost :( ... but I shot AWESOME - 6th overall which put me in the New Zealand team (top 12 of 34 shooters), and I was 3rd in the North Island - I was very happy. I shot 97, 198 and 99 :)

In the New Zealand match yesterday I shot 99 and 195 - on the English targets which are slightly harder, so that was a good score too (3rd top for the day).

and More!

I had a run in with Liz :( ... those who know me in real life know how I feel about Liz, and how happy I am to shoot better than her (just a personal satisfaction thing) - well, she bummed out big time, and yes, I was sad for her - but happy with myself too.

Anyway - at the dinner last night she said some really nasty things to me (nothing to do with our shooting) - she apologised, in tears, later. But I was really upset, still am. Anyone who knows me will know that I don't deal with confrontation well at all. She basically said to my face that I was no help at all - our Association ran the competition, her and her DH organised most of it - the three clubs all helped out. On Saturday afternoon I made a point of asking around if anybody needed any help - they all said no, so I went home to relieve DH of poor spotty, miserable Rhiannon. Sunday I made a point of letting them know I couldn't help because DH needed to take Cameron to cricket training, and I needed to be home with Rhiannon.

Her words were -

"oh it's alright for you ALL you had to do was get up and come and shoot"

I said - "Liz, I offered to help, nobody wanted it and everything was obviously under control, so I went home"

She said - "Oh, they (meaning the guys from our club) all idolise you anyway and wouldn't expect you to do anything".

That was all - but it was very NASTY, and she meant it - no matter that she apologised afterwards.

I think what really hurt is that I am VERY aware that I don't do a whole lot to help at shooting, partly because they never seem to need it, and also, I just DON'T. HAVE. TIME. I believe volunteering goes around in cycles - and I expect in 10yrs I will have time, for now I'm involved in the kids' sport, the school etc ... it's not like I'm a nasty, lazy person who never does anything for anyone. Well, I hope not, I certainly don't want to be.

... and I'm tired, little girl not sleeping the best, 3 trips to Levin and back, emotionally draining competitive shooting ... you get the picture.

Stitching (got to end on a happy note!)

I'll take some pictures later - but I finished Perennial Border on Friday night, finished the Proverbs RR on Saturday, and started my shell on Sunday ... so all is going good :) and this week I will be housebound with spotty Rhiannon, so I should get lots of stitching done too!


Kiwi Jo said...

Chicken pox sicks - for kids and Mums - hope she feels better soon. Congratulations on making the NZ team for shooting. Does that mean you'll get to go to international competitions?? Cool!!

Faith Ann said...

Congrats on the shooting accomplishment!!!

Does your pharmacy sell oatmeal bath stuff? When DS and I had the chickenpox a couple of years ago, I found that oatmeal baths really, really helped.

Carol said...

Welcome aboard in the SAL! Of course you can stitch a different Celtic lady! I kinda would prefer to do Celtic Summer myself... but I know of one lady who would like the support doing Celtic Winter.... so I will do Celtic Summer after Celtic Winter :-) Lovely to have you join us! Nobody wants to say when they prefer to start, so I am going to post tonight that perhaps mid-month is good.... but heck, anyone can start anytime they wish! The idea is to all enjoy stitching something together at the same time - makes for good chat and sharing of WIP pics :-)