Sunday, August 28, 2005

Not much happening

Which is always a GOOD thing :)

Stitching-wise - I've mostly finished my friendship gift for our retreat exchange, I need to buy some matching ribbon, and I'm done. This week I'm going to stitch and I hope FINISH Setting Sail, I really want to finish that and Rose Arbour before I start on Celtic Summer, I finished the 2nd sail of three yesterday, there is a lot of white in those sails! I sat in the car and watched Cameron's soccer yesterday and stitched at the same time which got rid of a few rows of white.

Once again, my rotation seems to have gone out the window - but I intend on getting back to it, and leaving it basically the same - a week for each designer, with a couple of days of specific projects ... it will be nice to rotate like that without the obligations hanging over me.

Back to the subject of the retreat - which is next weekend, I'm REALLY looking forward to it, but I can already see I'm going to be the popping in and out person :( ... Charlotte still hasn't shown any sign of chicken pox, and knowing they usually appear two weeks after being infected, I'm fully expecting them to appear Thursday/Friday, which means she will be miserable over the weekend. So with soccer on Saturday morning (which we should be finished with by 11am - nice early games), then Rhiannon has a gym competition in Wellington early Sunday morning, well it's going to take some juggling. DH knows I'm planning a weekend out of the house and is very good about it, but he can't do the impossible, thank goodness it is local!

I had an interview at the gymnastics club yesterday for their administration position, they said they would make a decision yesterday and let me know, but I haven't heard anything - not sure if that is good or bad. It sounds like a well organised position - they have an office at the gym and I'd be expected to be there a few mornings a week for continuity with phone bookings etc, and the money is pretty reasonable, better than soccer or cricket pay me. We shall see, I got the feeling they thought I was over-committed, which always annoys me, I know I take on more than a lot of people, but that is just me, I think I cope pretty well (most of the time LOL). Plus I fully expect soccer to be MUCH quieter from next year - we are looking at employing a Manager for the club which means I really will only be doing the basic admin and membership database things, which I'm very happy with - at the moment a lot of the "manager" stuff falls to me, and those are the things I struggle with.

The kids are good - let me run though them, you can always skip over if you want ... some of this is like a diary for me to remember things! LOL

David (14) - is doing really well - I've had a couple of funny stories with him this week. Firstly, the 3rd Form Dean at his high school just happens to also be a friend of mine, right back from Mother Support days when her oldest and my 3rd were babies together - we still see each other at a bookclub we both go to. I mentioned to David that F had mentioned that this particular year of 3rd formers are a really good group of kids, his face was priceless ...
"oh, did you see Mrs J then?",
"no, I say, not for a few weeks - why?",
"Oh, ummmmm, will you see her soon?",
"yesssss, why?",

... and then the true confession on how he was on rubbish duty for throwing rubbish, and the only one for that week - as was pointed out at assembly. His face was priceless, with the oh no, I'm going to have to confess ... LOLOL

Josh (11) is good too - he is busy practicing and practicing his flute. He is our non-sporty child and it is so nice that it doesn't bother him - he is very conscientious and happy to work away at his own things. His "home" goal this term (they make a home and school one at school) was to be helpful around the house - every morning he goes around and opens the curtains for me and picks up the odd bits lying around the house - how many other 11yos would stick to that all term? I just hope he makes it a continuing goal for the next five years or so!

Cameron (9.5) is, well, still sport fanatic Cameron LOL - they just played their last game of soccer for the season yesterday - but are going to a tournament in Taupo in October, so not quite finished - I don't think they're ever finished really - they'll go into summer training straight after that. Along with that he is doing rep training for cricket, and cricket will start up end of October.

Rhiannon (6.5) is getting over her spots - we've had a lovely week together with her at home, we were able to bake while Charlotte was at daycare, I bought a new little tapestry kit for her which she is doing awesome with ... it's a bit sad that she had to be sick to have such a nice quality time week with her. Although, really except for being covered in spots she has been well all week - she'll be back at school tomorrow. She's got a gym competition next weekend, which she's missed a whole week plus a bit of training for, but she'll still do fine.

Charlotte (3.5) is racing around on her bike with no problems whatsoever. She tells me that the reason she hasn't got chicken pox is because the chicken pox knows she doesn't want them, and you know it wouldn't surprise me if the power of her mind was strong enough for that to be the case! LOL She is really settled at daycare now, it's taken all of about two years but she finally seems to actually enjoy it, and although tells me each time she doesn't want to go, I pretty much know that is just habit - once she is there she skips off and she doesn't come racing to the gate when I pick her up anymore - she waits in the playground so she can show me what she's been doing. A couple of teachers have mentioned how much she's come out of her shell in the last couple of weeks too.

... and that I'm sure is enough rambling for one day! Have a great weekend/week everyone :)

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