Sunday, August 07, 2005

Stitching Pictures

I've got lots to mutter about this morning ... so I'll start with the interesting stuff - stitchie piccies!

Firstly - here is my exchange piece for the Prairie Schooler Board, it is a needlebook, I'm not particularly happy with my finishing, I ended up rushing it because it was nearly dinner time, it went wrong, I finished it differently than I first intended ... and well, it once again has taught me that I really need to wait until I have LOTS of time, without interruptions, to do any sort of finishing - and I need lots more practice!

Here is the front -

and here is the crooked inside -

(Taken out to fix my side bar)

This week has been my Silver Lining week, last week of my five week rotation (that turned into six weeks LOL) - it is stitched with one thread, over one, on 25ct Lugana - I'm not finding it too hard to see at all and really like the way it is looking. I would have finished the whole of page one, except I didn't have one of the green colours and haven't had a chance to stop at the LNS to pick it up, so I've carried on downwards missing that particular green all the way (DMC 937). It's going to be hard to put this away for five weeks until that week in the rotation comes up again!

and last, but not least, another updated picture of the Setting Sail kit - I finished the first sail this week! yay me! ... two more to do ... plus lots of purple/blue sky and lots of blue sea *sigh* ... I think within a few weeks I'll be ready to spend a week or so on it and finish it though ... in fact I might add a week to my rotation this time around, just to do that :)

... that's all the stitching updates ... stay tuned ...


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Rowyn said...

I think your needlebook looks great, as do your other pieces. Well done!

Maree said...

Hi Lisa
Thanks for 'visiting.' Beautiful work and, as always, I am in awe of your energy!

Faith Ann said...

Your SL piece looks beautiful! I don't like stitching over 1, but I've never tried it on 25ct...maybe I should give that a shot. (The others look great too.)